If You Can Fake it, You can Make it-FINAL FOUR Edition

The month of March is slowly coming to an end so does its Madness that tags a long with it.  68 teams started their quest to a National Title just two short weeks ago.  Now after overtimes, buzzer beaters, and upsets we have trimmed the field down to four.  This weekend those four teams will play basketball in a 100,000 seated football stadium where there is maybe 100 good seats that all go to corporate sponsors and the true basketball fans get to pay hundreds of dollars to sit in god awful seats where you are watching the big screen throughout the game.  But hey, the NCAA is all about the students not the billions of dollars they make each year off just the tournament.

I am no Jay Bilas or Jay Williams, I can’t give you an in-depth breakdown of each team.  As of the last few years the only college basketball I watch is come conference tournament time and beyond.  However, I may not be able to give you a breakdown of each team but I can give you the keys to faking your way through a basketball conversation.  Faking basketball conversations is what everyone does best this time of year.  I used to hate it but now I just laugh at how hard people try to sound smarter than they really are.  As much as I hate it i do it all the time as well especially come March.  The last thing you want to do is sound like a complete idiot at the bar or at some party watching the games.  Here below is a quick guide to each team, so you can effectively fake your way through this weekend.

North Carolina-1 seed

We are going to start with the highest seed.  Incase you guys didn’t know they were also in the National Championship last year and lost on a heartbreaker.  Whatever you do, DO NOT pull the “They lost at the last second last year so they are really going to want it this year.”  That is the worst thing you can do.  Think about it, why wouldn’t they want it? Why wouldn’t Oregon want it? Or Gonzaga or South Carolina?  Do you think Oregon is like “Ehhh this is fun and all but I’m not feeling it right now because we didn’t lose at the last second last year.”  NO that is dumb!  Here is what you say when it comes to Carolina.  Talk about the possible tough break they may have with their point guard Joel Berry.  Joel Berry has terrible ankles, but normally he injures his right ankle.  Last weekend against Kentucky he hurt his left ankle which can be a cause for concern.  Talk about how cool it is that North Carolina is the first school to make it to 20 final fours.  Also big one here, mention the matchup problem with Justin Jackson guarding Oregon’s Tyler Dorsey.  Justin Jackson is 6-8 Tyler Dorsey is 6-3.  Same matchup problem that Kentucky’s Malik Monk faced last weekend against the Tar Heels.  Talk about how Roy refuses to call time-outs regardless of how bad his team is playing.  I swear UNC could have blown a 20 point lead and the guy still doesn’t call timeouts.  Wait, that happened against Duke this year didn’t it?  You can bring that up as well.  Finally, talk about how a former walk-on in Luke Maye LOVES to shoot the ball.  Regardless of the situation or who is on the floor Luke has balls of steel when it comes to his shot selection.  He may be a walk on but he has the mindset of JR Smith.  Ohh since his name was mentioned, drop the fun-fact JR Smith was supposed to be on that 2005 UNC National Championship team until he decided to go pro.

Oregon-3 seed

Trying to start-up sports related conversation about anything Oregon is one of the easiest thing in the world.  Just bring up how obnoxious their uniforms are.  If you like them go on and on about how cool they are.  If you hate them just mention how candy ass they are and how you hate Oregon because of their uniforms.  Talk about Phil Knight, talk about how happy he will be to see the school that he has dumped billions of dollars into, finally win a championship.  Side-note, it was rumored Phil Knight was willing to pay $10 million a year for a football coach to win a championship.  That is how bad Phil wants to see a championship brought back to Eugene.  Mention how Dana Altman has had success everywhere he has been and how he coached Kyle Korver in college.  Fun fact for you, Dana Altman once beat Billy Donovan while at Creighton.  Talk about how Payton Pritchard reminds you of Aaron Craft, not because he is white point guard on a final for team, but because of his gritty defense obviously.  Mention how Tyler Dorsey is low-key having a Kemba type tournament and if Oregon wins it all he will be the MVP.  Talk about how surprised you are that Oregon is playing so well after Chris Boucher injured his leg in the Pac 12 tournament.  While on the subject of Boucher mention how Jordan Bell has truly stepped up when his team needed him.  Also it is pronounced like Adam Sandlers character in the WaterBoyFun Fact, Oregon originally wanted to hire Gonzaga coach Mark Few, Few did not want the job which led to the hire of Dana Altman.


Start off the conversation about how happy you are for Mark Few to finally make a Final Four.  A lot of people don’t know this, Gonzaga had its coming out party in the 98-99 season where they made it to the Elite Eight where they lost to eventual champion UCONN.  Mark Few was not the head coach for that team, it was Dan Monson who after that season took a job at Minnesota where things did not work out.  Monson has bounced around to different coaching jobs and is now at Long Beach State.  A lot of people do not know this they just assume Mark Few has been the head coach forever, so if you drop this bomb you will be sure to impress people.  Gonzaga’s most famous alum is John Stockton, and for fun his son also played at Gonzaga.  Mention how you wish Domantas Sabonis would have stayed one more year then quickly mention how his dad was a 28-year-old rookie in the NBA, he was drafted by the Blazers by the way.  Talk about how Gonzaga gets a lot of foreign players and also how unique St. Marys gym  is and that makes it tougher for a road team to play in.  If you don’t know St. Marys home court is like the equivalent to a high school gym.  Finally, when in doubt mention how Gonzaga is effected by the medias east coast bias.

South Carolina

South Carolina can be tough and it can be easy.  It can be tough because no one knows anything about South Carolina, but it can be easy because no one knows anything about South Carolina.  Talk about how incredible their run has been and mention how great they are defensively.  Frank Martin came from Cuba and bounced around from job to job including gigs as a dishwasher and a bouncer.  Remind people he was almost shot as a bouncer which made him change his life to eventually becoming a basketball coach.  Poke some fun at Kansas State for letting him go and now being stuck with Bruce Weber.  Rave about how PJ Dozier stayed home to play for the Gamecocks and while doing that mention how his older sister played on the women’s team that made the Final Four a few years back.  Sindarius Thornwell has been the catalyst for this team offensively and is also very quietly having a Kemba like tournament.  Fun fact for everyone, because of the HB2 bill in North Carolina the NCAA pulled out of North Carolina for all post season events including the NCAA tournament.  Greensboro, North Carolina was supposed to be a host site for the first and second round matchups, those games were moved to Greenville, South Carolina which turned out to be a virtual home game for the Gamecocks.  Who knows what would have happened if the NCAA did not act on the HB2 bill.

Remember, if you can fake it you can make it.  Make sure you just stick to this script and don’t get fancy.  Because I feel obligated to give my picks I have North Carolina winning it all over Gonzaga. Why? Because of all the reasons above.




Russell Wilson is truly the worst

I woke up this morning and started my morning off by listening to Barstool Sports, Pardon My Take and it was brought to my attention that Russell Wilson is at it again and proving why he is truly one of the most insufferable athletes out there.

Before all you Seahawks fans get butt hurt, it is ok to admit that you have a complete insufferable douchebag on your team.  As a Cavaliers fan I have probably the worst on my team and that is of course Lebron James.  You can even argue Lebron is the most insufferable douchebag in not just sports but the world.  Him and Beyonce have been going back and forth fighting for the title of who can be the biggest douche on the planet.  It is ok to admit it, no one will judge you.

Back to my boy Russ,  Russell Wilson is that guy in your group of friends or at work who tries waaaayyyy to hard to be cool.  Russ is notorious for his god awful postgame interviews, they are boring, played out and completely pointless.  I’m pretty sure you could ask him what he had for lunch that day and he would go on for five minutes about how his lunch made him a better athlete and how he is going to get better day by day and how his teammates are the best and how they are working hard.

Russ may not be the most insufferable athlete but HE IS THE WORST on social media.  Lets just take a moment and recognize some awful social media post by @dangeRussWilson.

Yeah, I’m sure its a great thing to be engaged at all but just imagine if your friends or even worse one of your parents posted a picture like that of their significant other.  You would feel so uncomfortable looking at it and you would make fun of them for posting a picture to clearly get attention.

This next one is by far my favorite!

THANK GOD Russ you took the time out of your busy schedule to post a picture of you sitting and doing nothing to let us know you take zero days off.  I’m going to call bull shit and say you take at least one day off before the start of next season.  Maybe change the hashtag to #1dayoff or #2daysoff.  Honesty goes a long way bud.

If you have zero life like myself take some time and look through his twitter page and see he loves to make stupid hashtags.  Like #mondaymotivation or #notime2sleep.  His newest one may take the cake though. #DangerTrain.  Russ will now post highlight videos of him throwing the football around and will post it with a #DangerTrain.  Maybe he is trying to raise awareness of how dangerous trains are, maybe he is telling us football training in the offseason is dangerous, OR he is just an insufferable douchebag who needed a new stupid fucking hashtag to post his stupid fucking videos.

Here are some of his tweets with the #DangerTrain

Hey Russ how bout you squat that weight without a bench at the bottom.  I thought training was supposed to be dangerous.  Do you even lift bro?

To finish this off I would like to send out the message that Big Cat and PFT from Barstools Pardon My Take sent out in their recent podcast and that is to go on twitter and raise awareness to dangerous stuff that happens on the train.  As someone who rides the train everyday things can get pretty dangerous.

I will leave all of you this tweet from Russ to give you some extra motivation for today.


LaVar Ball is THAT Dad

Any body who grew up playing  sports or is still involved in sports knows who THAT dad is.  THAT dad is the dad who thinks his kid is the next big thing.  He is the Dad that spends thousands of dollars a year sending his kid to pitching lessons when his kid can’t even throw get the ball to the plate.  THAT dad tells everyone his kid is going to be a D1 linebacker when his kid can’t even get on the field for the JV team.  We have all ran into this type of dad going through the levels of sports whether you are the person playing sports or you are the parent that has to endure sitting next to him in the stands.

For those of you who don’t know, LaVar Ball is the father to now former UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball.  Lavar also has two other sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, who are currently in High School and both are set to attend UCLA and play basketball like the oldest Lonzo.

A little background on LaVar before we get started.  LaVar had his own athletic career playing basketball one year at West Los Angeles College then transferring to Washington State.  Ball had some success at West Los Angeles College, once scoring 33 points and 18 rebounds in a game.  Balls success didn’t transfer over to Washington State as he only averaged 2.2 points a game.  After one season with Washington State he transferred to the DII level at Cal State Los Angeles.  After LaVars failed attempt at a basketball career, he attempted a career in football where he was on the practice squad for the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers and also played one season in the WLAF (World League of American Football).  As you can see his professional career didn’t exactly pan out.

Enter 2017 where LaVar Ball is now known as the father  who is running around to different media outlets running his mouth bout his sons.  Not himself but his sons, in particularly Lonzon.  LaVar has appeared on numerous media outlets including  ESPNs First Take and Fox Sports 1s Undisputed.  LaVar has said some ridiculous things to say the least.  LaVar started his run of being THAT dad by telling TMZ sports is “Going to be better than Steph Curry.”

He also doubled down on his belief saying Lonzo is better than Steph, when interviewed in the second half of UCLA’s matchup with USC earlier this year, by saying.  This quote from LaVar is from si.com

““I have the utmost confidence in what my boy is doing,” LaVar said. “I’m going to tell you right now, he’s better than Stephen Curry to me. Put Steph Curry on UCLA’s team right now and put my boy on Golden State and watch what happens” 

Here is the http://www.espn.com/core/video/iframe?id=18716731&endcard=false“>link where you get to see the full interview.

LaVar clearly forgot about the time Steph Curry almost led Davidson to the Final Four.

As you can see above LaVars professional career went absolutely nowhere that doesn’t stop him from saying complete outlandish things about his athletic abilities.  In an interview with USA todays sports’ Josh Peters LaVar took a shot at the GOAT.

“Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one, I would just back (Jordan) in and lift him off the ground and call a foul every time he fouls me when I do a jump hook to the right or the left,’’ Ball said. “He cannot stop me one-on-one. He better make every shot ’cause he can’t go around me. He’s not fast enough. And he can only make so many shots outside before I make every bucket under the rim,” said Ball.

This is actually a move we should all copy from LaVar.  LaVar never had a heyday so this may not be that outlandish.  We should all call out athletes and say we could beat them in our heyday.  I’m going to take the opportunity right now and do this.

HEY! Lebron back in my heyday I would have dunked all over you! Also Clayton Kershaw back in my heyday I would have taken you yard every time I faced you. Take that bitches.

A question people may be asking is, would any NBA team willingly take Lonzo Ball knowing they have to deal with his insufferable dad?

The answer is easy and it is YES!

That is the thing with LaVar Ball.  His son is really good, he may not be as good as Steph Curry like LaVar says but he will probably be the number one pick in the draft.  I am no basketball guru but I can’t remember a freshman in College Basketball that was this good.  The last player I remember that was this good as a freshman was Anthony Davis.  I understand Lonzo was exposed last Friday night vs Kentucky, but the whole team was exposed.  I am not going to let one bad night effect what he did all season.

Something no one is talking about is how Lonzo would be treated in the NBA.  If you remember as a kid growing up THAT dads son after a while got some sort of shit thrown his way.  It could have been something a long the lines of; “Daddy’s going to be upset” or “What is your dad going to say about that?”  I would have to imagine a group of NBA players will ride Lonzo about how his dad will not shut up.

Many people are also asking if LaVar is writing checks his sons can’t cash.  In my opinion Lonzo will be the next big thing.  I have been screaming for the Suns to just lose out so they can snatch him up in the draft.  That is just Lonzo, there is still two more sons to go and who knows how actually good they are going to be.  unfortunately, people are going to be sick of LaVar and the Ball family and could be known as the Kardashians of the basketball world.

Speaking of the Kardashians, it has been reported by TMZ sports that LaVars company, Big Baller Media, is looking into a TV or documentary contract.  Soon we will have the guy version of the Kardashians and LaVar Ball in front of a camera 24/7.

Also, more on Lavars company, Big Baller Media, he has his own site where you can find clothing with the Big Baller Brand logo stitched on.  His t-shirts are at the low price of $60.00.  For all the LaVar fans out there and they are out there, since you love everything LaVar is doing why don’t you go buy his $60 t-shirts or his $60 hats.  Yes you read that right, $60 for a fucking hat.

For the record I have zero problem with LaVar trying to create a brand for his sons.  Why not take a oppurtunity where you can make a lot of money?  My problem is, LaVars obnoxious, over the top antics may be overshadowing Lonzos talent and is setting his younger kids up for failure.

LaVar is not only THAT dad, he is even worse.  LaVar clearly tried everything he had to make a career in professional sports and their is nothing wrong with that.  The problem is LaVar is using his sons to live the life he never had.  While living through his sons he could be hurting their own dream of playing professional sports.  My only hope is that this doesn’t effect such a great talent like Lonzo and even worse his sons whose talent may not be worth putting up with LaVars antics.

We need to JUST WAIT with Colin Kaepernick

In case you have been living under a rock for the past 8 months Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem.  Kaepernick, the once rising star of the NFL is now a free agent and has been the talk of the NFL more for his controversy than his play.  Before we go any further, my goal to this blog when it comes to subjects like this is to try to get an objective point of view out and you the readers can make the decision on your own.

We have been arguing whether Kaepernick was right or wrong for taking the knee for eight months now and odds are whatever opinion you have on it is set in stone.  Was him kneeling right or wrong is not the question tonight.

Tonights question- Is Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the National Anthem last season resulting in him being black balled?

My answer to that is: JUST WAIT!

Here is why, before we go any further just sit back and try your hardest and remove any political or personal opinions you have about the subject and look at the facts.

1. Colin Kaepernick was at one point a rising star in the NFL.  How good was he you ask? “I truly believe Colin Kaepernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever,” said ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski.  Kaepernick was just five yards away from winning a Super Bowl against the Ravens back in the 2012-13 season.  Not many quarterbacks can say they played in a Super Bowl, let alone were five yards away.

2. Kaepernick clearly isn’t what he used to be.  You can blame it on Jim Harbaugh leaving, or injuries but you can’t deny he is nowhere near the quarterback he once was.  During that Super Bowl run Kaepernick had a QBR of 75.3 this past season he had a QBR of 55.5.  Stats can be very deceiving,  If you look at his numbers at the here  they actually are not terrible compared to that run.  The noticeable one is for me is how his completion percentage has consistently dropped over the years.

3. Kaepernick had a job.  He chose to leave the 49ers to test his worth and value as a free agent.  The deal he opted out of had $16.5 million of non guaranteed money this year.  If he doesn’t have a job next year whether he is being black balled or not he is part to blame.

4. It is only March, the draft still hasn’t happened yet and teams want to see what they can get in the draft.  It is also not uncommon for a quarterback or any free agent for that matter to sit back and see what happens around him.  Ryan Fitzpatrick last off-season waited until July 28 last off-season to sign his deal.  He put his offer on the table and he held out until he got the deal he wanted.  He didn’t get the exact deal he wanted but he still got a favorable deal.  Last training camp Teddy Bridgewater broke his leg and the Minnesota Vikings gave up a first round pick for Sam Bradford.  Free agents wait and see what happens to maybe up their value.

A report today from ESPN.com reporter Dan Graziano says Kaepernick is doing just that.

We know from multiple sources that Kaepernick isn’t just looking for any job. Two people to whom I spoke last week say he’s looking for a place that offers him a chance to compete for a starting job and a salary befitting a high-end backup quarterback or a low-end starter. Think something like $9 million to $10 million,”  said Graziano.

6. Their is no way I am paying Kaepernick $10 million.  Your reasoning for signing Kaepernick is because you are taking a waiver on him.  You are saying lets try it and if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t work out.  It is one thing to take a waiver on a guy who is cheap and if he doesn’t work out you can just get rid of him or sit him because you only spent $5-8 million on him and it’s no harm no foul.  For example Robert Griffin III signed with Cleveland last year and got $6.75 million guaranteed.  He was recently cut by the Browns and the cap hit is only $1.75 million.  A $10 million waiver is not a waiver anymore it is an investment.

7.  If you look at the landscape around the league their isn’t a lot of QB jobs available.  Lets not forget their is only 32 starting QB positions in the NFL.  If Kaepernick really wants to be a starting quarterback their is only a few possible landing spots for him to at least compete.

  • Los Angeles Rams- The Rams offense was terrible last year and it can’t get much worse.  The problem is the Rams traded their future to get Jared Goff and they have to find out how good he is actually worth.  This would be a great spot for him to be a back up, but again no backup is worth $10 million.
  • Arizona Cardinals- Palmer was brought back down to earth after last season and Bruce Arians has been good with QBs his whole career.  The problem is Arians sounds like he is set on Palmer and again  too expensive for a backup.
  • San Fransisco 49ers- The 49ers quarterback right now is Brian Hoyer and low key my favorite Browns QB ever.  The problem is Kaepernick clearly doesn’t want to be in San Fransisco because he turned down more money and left.
  • Houston Texans- This might be one of his best shots to start in the NFL next year.  The problem is it sounds like the Texans are waiting by the phone for the release of Tony Romo or the word that the Cowboys will trade Romo.  The thing is Tom Savage didn’t look awful last year when he got on the field.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Houston was comfortable trotting him out on opening day.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars- Jacksonville has its doubts about Blake Bortles but feels he deserves one more year to see how good he actually is.  Again, If Kaepernick was willing to take less and possibly come off the bench this could be an attractive destination.
  • Cleveland Browns- I’ve been asked this a few times and my answer is NO.  I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say a portion of me not wanting him was because of the extra attention.  The Browns just got over Manziel and still have Josh Gordon on the roster and still don’t know what they are going to do with him.  Ultimately I say no because the Browns can not sell its fan base on a what people call a “bridge”.  A bridge is where you take a guy and he sits in the spot until you find “your” guy.  The Browns have done that with RG3, McCown, and even Brian Hoyer.  In my opinion the Browns need to find their guy in the draft.  Also, if you think about it Cody Kessler might be that guy anyway.
  • New York Jets-This would be Kaepernicks best shot.  The qbs on New Yorks roster right now are: Josh McCown, Christian Hackenberg, and Bryce Petty.  McCown was signed by New York because he was cheaper then Kaepernick.  McCown signed a $6 million deal and may be the starting qb come September.  If Kaepernick lowered his price he may have been a New York Jet.

After going through these scenarios you can see Kaepernicks options are slim and his demands make them even more slim.  For the record I thought Kaepernick was dumb for leaving San Fransisco but I also think he is playing it smart here.  Come August some teams starting qb may get injured in a preseason game or training camp and his value and worth could sky rocket.

This is the main reason why I don’t think Kaepernick is being black balled.  I think HE is waiting and I just don’t think their is really a destination right now for him.  You can argue how Mike Glennon gets $15 a year from Chicago and the Browns paid $16 million for Brock Osweiler is an example of him being black balled and you may be right.  All I can say to that is sometimes less tape is better then more tape and it seems like people know what they are getting with Kaepernick and people don’t necessarily know with Glennon.  As for Osweiler I believe the Browns have so much cap room and they value picks so much they were willing to take his contract off the books and get a second round pick in return.

To wrap up this article we all need to JUST WAIT and watch things play out.  What Kaepernick and teams are doing are not all that uncommon.  Depending on the situation this September maybe we are having a different conversation.



Prayers for Oakland and lets go to Vegas

March 27, Today ESPNs Adam Schefter reports that NFL reports that the NFL owners approve the Raiders move from Oakland to Las Vegas.  The owners voted 31-1 with the Miami Dolphins was the lone no vote.  Growing up a Browns fan and hearing the stories of Modell moving the Browns to Baltimore I hate it when teams move.  It sucks to see a fan base lose its team, especially Oakland who have the reputation of the leagues most loyal fan base.  On top of that unlike Cleveland, St. Louis, Los Angeles, or even Oakland for that matter it is hard to believe Oakland will ever get another NFL team.  The Davis family and the city have been fighting over a new stadium since like the 80s.  So lets just sit back and have a moment of silence for the Oakland fan base for a moment.

Ok now lets talk about how incredibly awesome having an NFL team in Vegas is going to be.  As someone who rips the NFL apart as much as I do this is a great move by the league.  Vegas is Vegas, if you have ever been to Vegas you know it is just awesome.  Anyone who has ever grown up with a pulse knows Vegas is the SHIT.  We have all seen The Hangover, we’ve all seen those cheesy what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas commercials.  Adding an NFL franchise just adds to Vegas.  Now you don’t have to make up some dumb excuse to your significant other of why you “need” to go to Vegas with the guys.  You can now play it off as just going to the game.  I am already looking forward to going to Vegas whenever the Browns play there.  Side note, Dad you will not be invited to this trip.

However, this does create a problem because Vegas is the definition of a two night town.  If you try to spend more then two nights in Vegas their is a good possibility you will go broke or die.  Imagine spending Friday night at the tables, Saturday day drinking with a mix of more gambling then trying to wake up the next day and get yourself ready to go to the game and their is a good chance you have to find your way out of Vegas so you can get to work on Monday.  After writing this paragraph on why Vegas is bad for you I am just even more excited to go in 2019.  It works out for both sides, whether you are a young gunslinger like myself or some old, boring, middle aged man whose definition of fun is going to see some kids movie with your family, this creates the ultimate challenge to the young gun slingers and the ultimate solution to any mans mid-life crisis.

To sum this move up we should all feel really bad for Oakland, but this move to Vegas brings only good things.  MAYBE the worst that could happen is you become broke, dead, or divorced.

Will the real Will Tyrrell please stand up?

So the first thing you see on this site is a boring “professional” introduction of myself.  Here is what you really know about me; I am a stunningly, dark, short and handsome ladies man who is a full of sarcasm.  One thing you will need to know when reading this blog is it will be FULL of sarcasm, so don’t take things too literally when reading this.  This site will be mostly about sports, making fun of stupid people, and mocking people who take themselves WAY too seriously.  I am not really from anywhere specific, unfortunately I was born outside of Los Angeles, California and thankfully my father saved me from eventually becoming a liberal snowflake and moved me all over Gods Country.  When I was four I began a series of lifelong moves that have affected my sports fandom.  Instead boring you and giving you the stories of how and when I moved I will just list off the states; Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, and Missouri.  Like it said in my boring intro I was in the United States Marines Corps for four years where I was stationed in Satins country, also known as 29 Palms California.  In 2015 I got out of the Marines and moved to my current status of living in Tempe, Arizona.  I spent one year as Fighting Artichoke at Scottsdale Community College and I am now at Arizona State striving to run my mouth about sports and other subjects people like to get all excited about.  I grew up living and dying with the success of Cleveland sports(so for the most part dying with Cleveland sports).  I have Chief Wahoo tattooed on my shoulder, I don’t care if it offends you I actually kind of hope it does, going into every fall no matter how awful the Browns are I still convince myself that they are going to go at least .500, and I am convinced the Cavs winning the title last year is truly the peak in my life and nothing will ever top that.  Cleveland sports runs through my veins, at one point in my life I had a savings account until I blew it on going to Cleveland last year for Game 6 of the NBA Finals and eventually watching  the Cavs win the cities first championship since 1964 at some bar in Downtown Cleveland.  Even though I go to Arizona State it is hard to just drop my love for Ohio State football and basketball.  For most of my life Cleveland sports were just awful and the only way I didn’t completely lose my sanity and give up on the world was Saturday afternoons in the Fall when Jim Tressel bullied the BIG Ten or when Thad Matta would lead Ohio State on a run in March.  For the most part this blog will be mostly on Cleveland sports, but I know not everyone cares about Ohio sports so I will do my best to write about other teams to keep everyone interested.  I will mostly be blogging mixed in with podcasts.  If you didn’t notice there are some videos and info graphics on here, those are for one of my classes I am taking right now.  I will not be doing much of those because I have the creative mind of a straw and they are just awful.  I am on twitter @wltyrrell2 and you can email me at wltyrrell10@gmail.com.  I hope everyone will enjoy and I am open to interacting with people to make this site better.

Fun NCAA tournament information

The NCAA tournament is sadly starting to wind down and we will soon find out which fan base we have to insufferably listen to for the next year.  Although, have you ever wondered which state has the most bragging rights.  Unfortunately, California leads all states with appearances and National Titles, but the tradition filled state of North Carolina is second with appearances and National Titles.  Kentucky comes in third in both categories.  Obviously the National championship numbers will change after next Monday.


Spring Training Special

On Sunday Feb. 26th, 2017 the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs took part in a World Series rematch, but this is not what this video is about. Every February Major League Baseball teams leave their cities and head down to the warmth of either Arizona or Florida. Spring Training may be a month of “meaningless” exhibition games but that doesn’t keep people from going to the ballpark to enjoy an afternoon of baseball. Watch this video to find out why Spring Training is so special in its own little way.