The Browns and the NFL Draft

As a Browns fan this is the most exciting week and the most dreadful week of the year.  The feelings I have during draft week is what I imagine Chiefs fans have going into the playoffs.  The Chiefs are usually in a good position to make a Super Bowl run but in no way do you actually think the Chiefs can make the Super Bowl.  The combination of Alex Smith and Super bowl go as well as Ketchup on steak.

Draft week brings excitement, it brings hope that maybe the Browns will put together a draft that will finally turn things around.  It also brings nervousness and thoughts of the world exploding.  No matter what the situation is the Browns always seem to screw it up.  It is pathetic when the most successful draft the Browns have had in almost 20 years was a Kevin Costner movie.

To just give you an idea here is an example of a few of the Browns draft picks and what they could have drafted in recent years.

Browns drafted- Kellen Winslow. Could have drafted-Ben Roethlisberger.

Browns drafted- traded down to draft Phil Taylor. Could have drafted-Julio Jones.

Browns drafted – Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel.  Could have drafted-Derek Carr and Odell Beckham Jr.

Browns drafted- traded down to draft Corey Coleman.  Could have drafted Carson Wentz.

Those were all just off the top of my head, I’m sure I could go back through each draft and pick out a guy who they should have taken over who they actually took.

Even the best draft pick the Browns have had since 1999 has a black eye on it.  I’m talking about Joe Thomas.  Don’t get me wrong I love Joe Thomas and he has been the best Left Tackle in the game since the day he came to the league.  But it is worth mentioning that the Browns drafted him over Adrian Peterson. Whether anything would have changed is unknown but it is worth mentioning.

Now, lets talk about 2017.  The Browns are LOADED with draft picks and also have more holes in their roster than any other NFL team.  Like many drafts since 1999 the Browns are in a great position to get some impact players to help possibly turnaround this franchise.

When talking about the Browns struggles it seems to be a common theme of what position always gets brought up and that obviously is quarterback.  The Browns have the number one overall pick and in almost any other year it would be a given to grab a QB at number one.  Unfortunately, this QB draft class is very weak, there isn’t one stand out QB like Luck or Winston that all the scouts love.

This puts the Browns in a bind.  Because the QB position is the most important position in football, but when there isn’t one worth drafting is it worth to reach?

The answer is HELL NO.  The browns have so many holes to fill, unless the Browns pull off a trade for Aaron Rodgers the Browns are probably going to suck again next year.

What do the Browns do at number one?

The answer is easy.  You take Myles Garrett 10 times out of 10.  Garrett has been the top prospect since day one.  His numbers at the combine and his pro day are off the charts.  Also, with the Browns moving to a 4-3 defense this will possibly  give the Browns an elite pass rusher which you could argue is the second most important position in football.  With the switch of schemes you also put, last years 2nd round pick and the teams sack leader, Emanuel Ogbah back at his normal Defensive End position as oppose to him playing Outside Linebacker like he did this past season.  You give new Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams a pass rusher like Garrett this team may be able to win three maybe even four games with that move alone.

Because the Browns punted on Carson Wentz at last years draft the Browns get their 12th pick.  If the Browns do not try to reinvent the wheel and draft Garrett at one, the stress beers will be flowing for me personally and all of Cleveland.  Depending on what the teams do in-between then will determine what the Browns do at 12.  From what it sounds like, the Browns hope is that Mitch Trubisky falls to them at 12.  Through this draft process Trubisky has been linked to just about every team that needs a qb.  If Trubisky falls past the 49ers, Bears, Jets, and even possibly the Jaguars and the Bills, I’m willing to bet the Browns will take Trubisky in a heartbeat.

Now, as we all know nothing for the Browns will come easy.  I personally don’t think he falls past the Jets.  This creates a tough decision for the Browns.  Do you try to trade up to grab Trubisky? Or if Trubisky gets taken early do you trade up to grab Deshaun Watson?  The Browns are absolutely loaded with draft picks for the next two years, so it is very do able to trade up and grab a QB.

Although, is it worth trading up to grab a QB?

The answer is NO.

Just like every Browns fan I am sick and tired of the Browns trotting out shitty QBs and I’m tired of celebrating 15 yard completions like they are touchdowns.  The Browns have whiffed on every QB they have taken and reaching on a QB isn’t going to solve the problem.  Like I said earlier the Browns need just about every position filled on their roster.  This draft is loaded with talented defensive players.  This draft could improve the Browns defense immensely, which was the worst in the league last year.  At 12 the Browns could land Alabamas Rueben Foster, Ohio States Malik Hooker, or even the talented Tight End out of Alabama O.J. Howard.

Drafting two talented defensive prospects in the first round could speed up the process on the current rebuild.  Reaching for a QB that isn’t necessarily a first round talent could possibly set the franchise back even more.

It is tough to stomach another year of QB uncertainty but you can’t control the quality of prospects each year.  If you are the Browns all you can do is hope that Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold turn out to be stand out prospects and you are in position to draft them at next years draft.

After saying all of this, lets remember it is the Browns and no matter how easy it is they always seem to do something to make us jump off our couch (usually in a bad way).

As for what I think the Browns are actually going to do, I have zero idea and it sounds like no one knows what they will do but my prediction for all Browns fans is make sure the beer is cold and fasten your seat belts because Thursday night is going to be a WILD ride.








Frank Fleming: The Hero We Need, but Don’t Deserve

There may be a lot of uncertainty surrounding this country and many are looking for someone or something  for answers.  Well ladies and gentleman that Man has been found. His name is Frank Fleming.

You may remember him from this video from a few weeks ago.

The newest addition to Barstool sports has taken the sports world by storm.  This diehard Mets fan shows what being a true fan takes.  If you are unfamiliar with the story Frank was on his way to Mets Opening Day when a delay with the New Jersey transit system caused him to miss the opening ceremonies and first couple innings of the game.  Frank went on this all time rant to show that Opening Day is not to be messed around with.  Frank has been blogging since 2001 and has been updating everyday since, it has an image of the day, birthdays, standings, scores, it has everything.

You can check out his site here

If you want an idea how awesome Frank is check out the video below and you can see Frank roast A-Rod and all Yankee fans when he hopped on Fox Sports MLB Whiparound.

You can’t fake passion people and the way Frank pounds his chest talking about the Mets is what all you so-called parents should be teaching your kids.  If everyone had Franks passion about the Mets imagine what we could accomplish as a country!

In terms of being a sports fan Frank brings everything to the table.  Why is it wrong to wear your favorite teams shirt almost everyday?  Why is it wrong to be a little delusional about your team?  The typical sports fan today is some ass who reads his articles and then looks at you wrong when you yell at the tv like you just dropped a baby.  So what if I am yelling about an Indians game in June, maybe you should go type some numbers in a calculator nerd!  Sports fans need to be more like Frank if everyone just wore the passion they have for their teams on their own sleeve think how much more fun this world would be.  You would automatically know who to like and not to like and their would be so many more useless sports arguments.  Sounds like a great time to me.

The problem is we as a country are not using Frank enough.  I firmly believe Frank can solve all the worlds problems.  Frank is a modern-day Batman with Superman powers. Can you imagine Frank the Tank storming into the offices of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un threatening how like the 86 Mets America is going to take their respective countries by storm!  I would imagine those guys would back down faster than Rick Pitino in a Restaurant.

I personally think Frank needs to run in the next election! #FranktheTank2020

With all the crap going on around the world we don’t deserve Frank but somehow by the grace of God we did.


Who and What are the Cavs?

If you have followed the Cavs since Lebron came back to Cleveland you know that once the playoffs start things change.  You sit all through the regular season putting up with Lebrons cryptic tweets, Kyries turnovers, drama between Lebron and the front office, and even drama between Lebron and the head coach.

For some reason this season seems just a little different.  All year we have been waiting for these playoffs to see the Cavs “flip the switch” and at moments they have this year.  There have been games like the Christmas day game vs Golden State and the win a few weeks ago in Boston.

Cleveland is up 2-0 in the series and at times has looked great and looks like the team that we all expect them to be, but then they have their times where they seem to lose focus and let Indiana crawl back into the game.

Cleveland was a CJ Miles basket away from going down 1-0 on Saturday and was a couple bounces away from losing last night even though at one point they were up 20.

So the question is who and what are these Cavs and what should we be expecting?  We have been asking this question since about January and I think it is a fair question to ask.

Cleveland despite their struggles is by far the best team in the East.  They may get pushed in a series at some point, but they are just more talented and deeper than any other team in the East.  Because of that we truly won’t know what kind of team they are until they play in the Finals against what will most likely be Golden State.

Why should Cleveland fans be ok with this?

Whether you are a huge fan of this path or not it is what it is.  Cleveland is led by Lebron whose legacy may truly be defined by the outcome of this season.  If Lebron beats Golden State, who has four legitimate all-stars and at this right four future  Hall of Famers, in the finals yet again he has cemented his place as a top three player and may even be able to compare him to Jordon.  If he loses he will be remembered as the guy who coasted through the regular season and majority of the playoffs and as a result never got his team in the right position to win another title.

Lebron can say all he wants about how much he cares about Cleveland which I’m sure he truly does, but Lebron cares about nothing more than his legacy and brand.  Lebron even said it this year his next goal is to chase Jordons legacy.  A title this year would be huge for his brand and his case to be considered the greatest of all time

So back to the original question:  Who and what are the Cavs?

The question is no one knows and we won’t know for a little bit longer, but they will be ok because they are led by Lebron James.

NBA Playoffs- First Round Matchups to Watch

With the semester coming to an end I haven’t been able to write as much this week.  I should be doing more school work but I felt like after not putting anything out all week I should probably write something.

The NBA playoffs is finally upon us.  Saturday marks the debut of one of the most exciting times of the year.  Football ends in February, we just came off the high of March Madness a few weeks ago and now we got the NBA playoffs to grab our attention and make us less productive until June.

I am no basketball guru by any means but there is very few things I love more than the NBA playoffs.  If you have followed the NBA at all this season you have noticed it has been filled with useless drama, whether it’s Lebron sending out cryptic messages, the feud between Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson, teams resting players, and the list goes on and on.  Despite all of these dramatic storylines I think we may be in store for a fun couple months.  In this article I will give you one match up from the East and one matchup from the West to watch.  These series are unique in their own ways and I think will be fun and I think everyone will enjoy.


With half the league making the playoffs the first round tends to be watered down.  You tend to have some series that has two teams that will make no impact long-term and is filled with just awful basketball.

Now, I don’t realistically think either of these teams can actually win it all and if you are not the Warriors or the Cavaliers I don’t think anyone can win it all.  I just think these series will be the most fun to watch.

(3) Toronto Raptors vs (6) Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks have always been an interesting team to me.  I saw Milwaukee play earlier this year in Phoenix and they were so fun to watch, they play hard on both ends of the floor and are so incredibly long (grow up guys).  The Bucks are led by Giannis Antetokounmpo also known as the “Greek Freak” who came off a quiet record-breaking season by becoming the first player in NBA history to finish in the top 20 in total points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.  Also, if you didn’t know he is ‘6-11″ and he is only 22 years old.  In my opinion he is the NBAs best kept secret, and it is going to be fun to finally see him on the big stage.  Even though Toronto is probably the better team, Antetokounmpo has the potential to take over this series and swing it in Milwaukees favor.  If you don’t want to take my word for how good this guy is just check out this video.

Now Giannis is cool and all but the real reason you should watch Milwaukee is to watch the master of all grit.  If you forget who that is then you should first punch yourself in the face, then once you are done with that you should watch this video and remind yourself. #NeverForget #Weareallgritnesses

Now for Toronto, the Raptors are just one year removed from taking the Cavaliers to six games in the Eastern Conference Finals.  Demar Derozen resigned with the team in the offseason and has put up big numbers yet again this year.  Kyle Lowry is healthy again as he came back from a thumb injury, he suffered before the all-star break, a couple of weeks ago.  The Raptors were buyers at the trade deadline, they acquired PJ Tucker from the Suns and Serge Ibaka from the Magic.  You would think the team that took the eventual NBA champions six games and got better from a year ago would be an easy pick to get out of the first round and possibly back to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Well, not really if you remember correctly the Raptors playoff run wasn’t as great as it seemed.  It took them 7 games to get out of the first round against the Pacers, 7 games to get out of the second round against the Heat, and even though they took the Cavs six games they lost the three games in Cleveland by almost an average of 30 points.  Lowry and DeRozen have also been known to struggle in the playoffs, so it could make for an interesting series between these two and don’t forget the Air Canada Center is one of the more hostile places to play in the NBA.

ESPN came out and said that the Raptors have an 83% chance to win the series which is the highest percentage in the East.  I lean towards Toronto in this series but like I said earlier if Antetokounmpo has a huge series who knows what could happen.

(4) L.A. Clippers vs (5) Utah Jazz

People will say the Thunder vs Rockets Series is more intriguing but I have to disagree. As much as I love to watch both Harden and Westbrook play and as much as I love watching Westbrook put up HUGE numbers, I just don’t think the Thunder have enough to make it an exciting series.

Like I said earlier I don’t think any of these teams can make the Finals but there is a lot of intriguing storylines here.

Lets start with the Utah Jazz.  The Jazz also have a severely underrated player in Gordon Hayward.  You guys probably remember Hayward from the guy who barely missed that half court shot for Butler in the National Championship against Duke a few years back. Well, since then Hayward has put up a solid NBA career and has helped lead the Utah Jazz back to the NBA playoffs since the 2011-2012 season.  This guy is also just full of grit and who doesn’t love grit?  The only answer is Hitler.

Here below is some plays from Hayward to give you an idea for how good he is and how good-looking he is (Don’t let your jaws drop too far ladies).

Not only do the Jazz have Hayward but they also have Rudy Gobert who is an absolute freak.  Gobert finished the regular season with the highest Real Plus-Minus for all centers in the NBA.  If you don’t know what that means it is a stat that calculates points for and against.  He finished with an RPM of 6.71 and the closest Center behind him was DeAndre Jordan with an RPM of 4.67.  If you don’t watch basketball just know that he is really good.

Here is a collection of highlights from Rudy Gobert with a song that I’m not sure I like or really hate.

These two could give the Clippers some trouble and could push this series deep and may be able to pull off the upset.  The Gobert vs Jordan matchup could be really fun to watch.

Now onto the Clippers.  You look at the Clippers roster and you think this team should be fighting the Warriors for a trip to the NBA Finals.  Well not quite, the Clippers under Doc Rivers are more known for their playoff disappointments over the past few years than what they would prefer.  Last year the Clippers had a tough break when Chris Paul and Blake Griffin went down with injuries and most remember when they blew a 3-1 lead in the second round against the Rockets the year prior.

This is a big postseason for the Clippers because the dreams of Blake Griffin and Chris Paul leading them to the NBA Finals haven’t come true.  They haven’t even gotten past the second round yet.  Blake Griffin is up for new contract this offseason and Chris Paul up for one the year after, this postseason could help make a huge decision the Clippers are faced with for the years coming.  If the Clippers make a run to the Western Conference Finals or at least challenge the Warriors in the second round, which at their best I think they could steal a couple of games, the decision could be easy and resign Griffin and make a run at it next year.  Or if they get beat in the first round for the second year in a row they could decide to save their money and move on Griffin.

Just by the thought of not seeing them on the floor any more I had to go look at highlights of those two together.  Take a look and think of all the fun we have had watching them.

If you want to be the Debbie downer and tell me that these series don’t matter so you aren’t going to watch than fine be that guy.  Us sports nerds will sit back and enjoy the playoffs and all the fun that comes with it.  Even though I am 99% positive that it will be a finals rematch I still think these playoffs will be fun to watch, their are intriguing matchups all over and plenty of really good players you don’t normally get to see on the national stage.  These are just two matchups that will be fun to watch and no one is talking about.  I will be watching and writing about the playoffs for the next few months so stay tuned.

GO CAVS #zerodarkthirty-23.

Anyone ever tell Lebron the zero dark thirty-23 saying really makes no sense?  I mean he said it last year and we won so I am going to run with it, but the more I think about it the more I realize it makes zero sense.


RUSS Is The MVP In More Ways Than One

Last summer the Golden State Warriors were down 3-1 to the Oklahoma City Thunder.  It looked like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were going to advance to their second NBA finals.  That trip got cancelled after the Warriors were able to come back and eventually win the series.

Things got worse for the Thunder, because on the 4th of July Kevin Durant left for the Golden State Warriors, leaving Russell Westbrook by himself in OKC.  As good as the Thunder were the year prior the team that Westbrook was left with was in no shape to compete for an NBA title.

After Durant left some people thought Westbrook would demand a trade to have a better chance to go win a title.  Westbrook not only stayed quiet on the trade talks but decided to sign a three-year extension with the team.

Westbrook wanted to show Oklahoma City that he had their back.  He has proved it on the court this year by always wearing his emotions on his sleeve, leaving everything out on the floor, and doing anything and everything to will his team to victory despite the overwhelming odds.

You can try to diminish his 31.9/10.4/10.7 averages this season by saying the team isn’t a true contender for a title and if he was on a good team he would not have put up these numbers.  All is true, but it’s not like he put up 40 point a game a long with 4 assists.  He took a team full of guys we are all going to forget about in ten years and made them a playoff team.

In a time where brand is bigger than team, where sitting out games is encouraged, and super teams is “in”.  Westbrook took a challenge, and that challenge was to show how good he really was.  He chose to play for his city, franchise and more importantly his pride.

We have all been in a relationship with someone where the other says you just are not quite good enough.  Whether Durant actually thinks that or not, his actions said so by leaving.  Even though Durants season may end with winning a championship, people will always remember how Durant left and Westbrook stuck it out.  As Durant receives criticism for his decision and may never be respected by fans, Westbrook receives cheers and praise.

One day basketball fans will tell the story to their kids and grandkids about Westbrooks unwavering loyalty to a city and franchise, and they will teach their kids to play with the tenacity and never say die.

Whether Westbrook stays in OKC forever or wins a championship without Durant remains to be seen, but this historic season can not be un noticed in the history books.

Russell Westbrook is THE REAL MVP

Dustin Johnsons Terrible Excuse

Ladies and Gentleman, if you haven’t noticed it’s Masters weekend.  It is the weekend when people who do not know a single thing about golf tune like we actually care.  Why do we watch the Masters?  Because it’s a tradition unlike any other obviously.

Leading up to the Masters I normally spend the week leading up trying to read stories on some golfers so I don’t sound like a complete idiot when talking to someone about it.  This year I don’t have to talk about just golf.  This year everyone gets to talk about not only golf but how the world’s top golfer “fell down the stairs” and now can’t play in the Masters.

Dustin Johnson pulled out of the Masters yesterday because he hurt his back a few nights ago.  His reasoning is because he slipped down the stairs and fell on his back.  This is just absolute gold!  It is gold because it is total bull shit.  The old fall down the stairs excuse is the oldest one in the book.  First off no one just “falls down” the stairs past the age 12. Once you get past 12  you start falling down the stairs at the age you start drinking heavily.

My guess is Johnson had WAAAY too much to drink, which is fine but when you do something incredibly dumb while drinking you have to think of a better excuse then “I fell down the stairs.”  Although, it is better than saying you fell up the stairs.

These golfers get these high price agents or advisors to get them these high-end endorsement deals and what not and not one person could think of a better excuse?  To all athletes out there I offer myself for a low price to be part of your posse and when you do something dumb I will think of a much better excuse than “you fell down the stairs.”

My excuse would have been.  During Dustins practice round he tweaked something in his back, he seemed fine walking off the course but later on in the night he started experiencing some uncomfortable pain.  BOOM! that sounds much better.  I’m here to help YOU Dustin.

The question is.  What really happened?

Do we have another Tiger Woods situation?  Was he caught with another women and then he got his ass beat?

Did he get in a WWE like wrestling match with someone much bigger than him?

Or maybe was he just so wasted he couldn’t walk and he legitimately fell down the stairs.

I’m sure one day we will find out what really happened, but regardless of what really happened we need to get past the days of bad excuses.  We need to strive to do better.




Lebron and the Cavs Remain King

Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers reminded us why they are the defending champions and remain the favorites to win the East.  The Cavaliers faced off against the Celtics and won in dominant fashion by a score of 114-91.  The score doesn’t even show how much of a blowout it was, at one point the Cavs lead was almost 30.

Last night, Lebron James proved why it is dumb to think anyone but him can win the East.  Lebron finished with 36 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists.  This was all after him saying that he doesn’t get worked up for a regular season game.  Can you blame Celtics fans for getting hyped up for a regular season game?  That is all they have to look forward to these days.

If you have followed the Cavs at all this year you have noticed they haven’t played an ounce of good basketball since their Christmas day win against the Warriors.  If you have been following the NBA at all you have heard people ask if the Cavs can flip the switch.  As of late a lot of the national media has been asking who can beat the Cavs out of the East.  The trendy picks have been Boston, Washington, and Toronto.

This video below is Lebron telling all of that talk to go away.

I love how disrespectful he was when high fiving the fans.  NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR GARDEN BOSTON!

The Cavs can “flip the switch” and it showed last night.  Whether the Cavs can build enough momentum and reach their true potential, where they will most likely play the Warriors in the Finals, come June remains to be seen.  All we know right now is the Cavs are still the team to beat out of the East and still have the ability to become Champions.

You can say what you want about Lebron.  You can say he is insufferable, a flopper, a baby, or a drama queen.  What you can’t say is that he isn’t great.  Last night proved there is still greatness left in the tank for Lebron and come playoff time we will see Lebron at his best.  As long as Lebron is at his best Cleveland is in great position to defend their title.

Beware to the rest of the NBA.  The switch has been flipped.

Time to Stop Hating Romo

Yesterday, Tony Romo retired from the NFL to join Jim Nance in the broadcast booth with CBS.  With Romos move to the booth that means we no longer have to hear Phil Simms do the game of the week for CBS.  Thank GOD!!

Tony Romo finished his career throwing for 34183 yards, 248 touchdowns and had a completion percentage of 65.3.  All pretty solid numbers.  2014 was his best year when he finished with a completion percentage of 69.9.

Tony Romo grew up in the small town of Burlington.  From there he played his college ball at Eastern Illinois.  Romo was then a un drafted free agent when the Cowboys signed him in 2003.  Romo was given a $10,000 signing bonus and finished his career in the middle of a contract that was worth $108 million.  Romo eventually finished as the Cowboys all-time leader in yards, completions, and touchdowns.

Romo accomplished the American dream.  You start from nothing and work your ass off to eventually become one of the best in your craft.  The Kurt Warner story of him stacking cereal boxes to Super Bowl champion is the only story that tops it.

Why does everyone hate Romo?  He isn’t Sam Bradford, who signed a $100 million contract just for being drafted.  He isn’t Johnny Manziel who was an entitled ass hole with a bunch of talent that he let go to waste.  He isn’t Jay Cutler who has tons of talent but has zero drive and determination.  So what is their to hate about Tony Romo?

The answer is you hate him because he was a Cowboy.  Most of you don’t even hate the Cowboys.  You hate the guy at work or school who is an obnoxious Cowboy fan who brags about the 90s even though he isn’t even old enough to remember them playing.

If you didn’t like Romo because he was a Cowboy that is fine.  As a Browns fan I hate all the Quarterbacks in the AFC North.  Although, just because he was a Cowboy and you hate him doesn’t mean you are right for calling him a failure.

I’ve been hearing people say over the past two days calling Romo a failure.  Why is he a failure?  Is he a failure because he never won a ring?  So does that make Trent Dilfer better than Romo?  The Ravens offense once with a month without scoring and still won a Super Bowl.  Think about how bad that is, four weeks of not one touchdown.

Flash back two years ago.  What if Dez Bryant had caught that ball in Lambeau?  The Cowboys were more than capable to beat the Seahawks if they beat the Packers.  So are you going to let a Dez drop affect the way you look at Romo?

I guarantee if Romo had played on the Vikings or the Chiefs or any other team that isn’t named the Cowboys you actually wouldn’t mind him.  The hate for Romo is just stupid and over played.  He never raped anyone (Roethlisberger), never quit on his team in the biggest game of his career (Cutler) and he never sent dick pics to a female reporter while married (Favre).

Stop calling Romo a failure and start appreciating that he is the definition of what sports are all about.  He defied all odds and became one of the better quarterbacks of a generation.  If Romo is the definition of a failure, all of us are failures.


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