The Bachelorette Ep 1.

This site is mostly for sports and it will be but I am guilty for loving the Bachelorette.  I think it is one of the more pathetic things in this world.  I love how 20 some odd people from the opposite sex fight over one person, in this case it is 20 some odd dudes going after one girl.  What could possibly go wrong? For those of you who are in successful long term relationships and for those who are married know the key to dating is sharing a girl with other guys who you happen to live with.  We all know it is totally ok to go on maybe a few dates with a girl and some of them are with a few other guys and while you are awkwardly sipping on your vodka soda she is making out with some dude who is an aspiring gymnast who is also somehow studying to be a lawyer.

Oh and after those few dates of her making out with almost every guy on the show and sleeping with a few of them you get on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage.  This is a total key for success, just ask any member of the military who just graduated boot camp and he will totally agree with you on this statement.

The first episode is probably my favorite episode because you get to watch guys go to end of the earth to impress a girl and most of them fall flat on there face.  So buckle your seat belts while I break down the first episode.

This episode was a god damn rollar coaster.  You had a guy with a doll, marching band, a guy with a vacuum, and some guy who rides or dies with his catch phrase.  So much went on this episode I am just going to highlight some things that caught my eye

BRYAN- First Kiss, Rose, and the guy she tells you not to worry about

The big event that happens in this episode is people fighting for attention and trying to get the first impression rose which usually ends up being the guy who also gets the first kiss.  Blake came in hot, being a chiropractor from Miami who also speaks fluent Spanish.  Blake is the guy that your girl tells you not to worry about.  Free life hack for all you guys, if your girl comes home from work telling you about a tall, dark guy, who speaks fluent Spanish and also is a chiropractor just pack up your stuff and leave.  Make sure you get everything that is yours back from her, give her stuff back and just let your buddy know you are going to have to stay on his couch for a little bit until you get your shit back together because if you run into this guy odds are you are probably going to lose.  Is it fair? hell no but it is just the way the cookie crumbles.  I have Blake finishing second to Anthony but after tonight I am questioning my decision as I wish I put him as the winner because he is going to be tough to beat.  But to sum it up Blake is the ultimate winner tonight because he got the rose, the first kiss and in a room full of guys that have egos the size of Texas, in which he probably crushed some of there egos.

The Butt-hurt gets real off the bat

It shocks me every time whether it is the Bachelor or the Bachelorette how butt hurt everyone gets.  When you have the first impressions naturally guys are going to do whatever we can to stand out.  Then whenever someone does something crazy hoping to capture, in this case Rachels, eye people get all butt hurt like they forgot they were competing against a house full of dudes for one girl.  Then when Rachel walks in and it is time for cocktail hour guys get extremely butt hurt that they don’t get all the time in the world.  Well no shit dude there is like 30 guys trying to do the same exact thing you are doing.  I also love when the guys get mad at the guy who grabs her first.  That move takes extreme balls, don’t get all pissy because some dude had bigger balls than you.  I understand this is tough to accept and a little awkward at first, shit being out with one of your buddies and you are both trying to talk to the same girl is hard enough, but this is what you signed up for so suck it up.

Fred- poor guy

I actually have this guy getting pretty far in the show.  I have him getting far enough for when he gets eliminated he will have no problems finding a girl to help him get over Rachel.  But, this guy I kinda actually feel for, in my opinion this guy has no chance because Rachel sees him as just this piece of shit third grader.  No guy wants to be remembered as the piece of shit kid he once was in third grade.  Although, Fred probably should have gone a different route than pulling out his old elementary school year book as his way of making a first impression.  Think about the effort he must have gone through to find that year book.  My guess is, it was probably at his moms house and he dug it out of some box in the garage and figured this would be some cute way to break the ice.  Instead, she probably thought a multitude of things like why does he still have that year book, I looked terrible in eighth grade, those braces were not a good look, and I fucking hated you back then because you wouldn’t eat your carrot sticks.  This guy stands no legit chance of winning, but like I said he will be on long enough to be well known and maybe make some appearances at some clubs around the country and he can find someone to heal his wounds.  So maybe I don’t really feel for this guy.  Actually, fuck this guy

Mohit- Come ready to play

This guy… I don’t know if I feel sorry for the guy or to just rip him to shreds because he did not eat his Wheaties that morning.  You guys may have missed this guy but he may have put on the worst performance in Bachelorette history.  This guy got his first impression when he said hi to her but then was too scared to go and talk to the girl.  I understand being in a room full of guys with “high-end” jobs, overpriced suits can be intimidating, but you signed up for this and you probably had weeks or months to prepare how you were going to attack this situation and you totally fumbled the snap.  This performance was so bad the other guys were trying to help him out.  In an atmosphere where guys are trying to one up each other, some guys felt so bad for the guy they were begging for him to go talk to her.  My favorite stunt Mohit pulled was when Rachel and Bryan were talking after Bryan just won the first impression rose, Mohit akwardly stood in the background and watched like the freshman stalking the cheerleader captain talking to her boyfriend who is also the football team captain.  Then this loser (yes he has done enough to be called a loser) while Rachel and Bryan are making out this guy yells NOOOOOOO!!! like he had a fucking chance.  Mohit, sorry bro you had to come ready to play but instead you couldn’t even make it out of the tunnel for the pre-game warm up.

Lee- The only hope for short guys

As a short guy, I am sick and tired of us being over looked (pun intended).  When Lee walked out of the limo with his guitar and it said he was a singer I immediately hated the guy.  Because, who doesn’t hate the guy that walks around with a guitar?  Then I realized this guy is the only hope for us short people in this world.  If Lee can somehow pull this thing out maybe there can be some trendy short guy phase women go through, like that stupid Dad bod phase, because of this I am going to be rooting hard for Lee because this show is made up of primarily tall guys and I for one am sick of it.  Judging by the previews this guy also causes some drama which I am all for.

Blake K- The Douche?

This guy might have the biggest ego in the world, I had trouble breathing watching this episode because his ego was floating through my computer screen.  This guy starts off the season talking about how good he is in bed, which could play to his benefit, but nothing says “I’m modest” like talking about how good I am in bed.  For the record that was complete sarcasm.  Then this guy shows up with a full blown marching band with him playing the drums like he is Nick Cannon from the movie Drumline.  First off, what a career to claim saying you are an aspiring drummer.  I am half tempted to go on this show and dribble a basketball through my legs and say I am an aspiring basketball player.  Also, anyone find it ironic the guy who shows up with a marching band is also the guy bragging about how good he is at sex?  I wonder where he learned it?  That was an American Pie reference for all you people that haven’t lived yet.  Then Blake is already becoming the guy calling people out for not being there for the right reasons.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say Blake is trying to get his drumming career started up and what better way than to douche it up on a reality TV series.  By the way for the record, for the rest of time Blake is on this show and I mention his name in these blogs this is how I am saying his name while writing.. Fast forward to the 1 minute mark.


After the last season of the Bachelor I can’t deal with guys crying for no reason.  Nick seemed to cry at least once every episode, he was so bad I have anointed him worst dude EVER!!!!!! Milton after introducing himself, talking to her for a few minutes and watching her talk to 20 something dudes felt the need to cry after not getting a rose.  This is the equivalent to the guy crying when the bar closes because the girl he was buying drinks for left by her self.  This guy is a total bitch and crying after the first episode deserves no other label.  Come on dude.

Lucas- Whaboom guy

This guy is a god damn electric factory!  I love this guy, I love him as much as the blind horse I bet on to win the Kentucky Derby a few weeks ago.  By some off chance this guy wins and I didn’t pick him to win I will never forgive myself.  This guy not only has the balls to show up with a megaphone and obnoxiously use it around a group of tight asses, not only has the balls to show up in a suit where his shirt is a sleeveless whaboom shirt in a room full of guys wearing overpriced suits, this guy walks up to a pretty girl and does this act where he yells whaboom and walks away like life is normal.  I for one fucking love this guy.  You can’t fake this stuff, if you have saying where you are willing to yell it from the mountain tops and you don’t care what people think about you you are as real as it gets.  When he was being called out by Blake for how he was acting and he responded saying “I think we all have a little whaboom in us” I jumped out of my seat like the Browns just scored the game winning touchdown in the Super Bowl.  Ladies, if you want a guy who is willing to go all in on a relationship and is willing to put it all on the line this is your man.  If this guy is willing to go all out for his saying, and to him it isn’t just a saying to him it is clearly a way of life.  I don’t see why he wouldn’t go all in on a relationship.  This guy is a true cinderella story and I for one am hoping on the train and riding it till the end.  Go whaboom guy!

Just so I can put this on paper I have Anthony winning it all, I have no reason he just seems like a guy who could win this thing.  All I hope is we get some drama of guys arguing and acting like they aren’t on a reality TV show where the girl makes out with all the guys in the house.  I want to see some blood shed and I want lots of good laughs and some good material to make fun of Chris Harrison.  I will be writing a blog on every episode so stay tuned, because this is the best Bachelorette coverage you can get.



Lavar Ball is Still an Ass

Today on Colin Cowherds Show “The Herd” on FS1 Lavar Ball did not take kindly to Kristine Leahys very simple question when she asked him how many shoes he has sold.  Ball responded to Leahy by telling her to “stay in her lane.”

Here is the full interview below, the back and forth with Leahy and Ball starts at the 6 minute mark.

I am on record of saying I absolutely can not stand this guy and I am so sick of FS1 and ESPN giving him the attention that he has been getting.  Everyone can say how his business model is working and in a way it is.  Lavar Ball has made his own shoe and set it at an unreasonable price and people are dumb enough to buy it.  If you bought his shoe you may fit into his group of “Big Ballers” but in reality you are just a fucking idiot.

While Ball may be making a name for himself and a good chunk of money, in the long run this could hurt his son Lonzo who is projected to go number two overall to the Lakers.  Lonzo could already have signed his shoe deal with Nike, Adidas, or Under Armor and gotten his nice million dollar payday as a 19 year old.  But instead Lavar is overshadowing his son and using his kids to cash in on a payday he never got.

In a day an age where equality is preached from the mountain tops you have to think this back and forth with Leahy could come back to bite him.  The main point Kristine was trying make was that he should think about attracting to a female side, like Nike, Adidas, Under Armor who LaVar has said he is trying to compete with.  LaVar  responded by saying saying he doesn’t have to have a line of clothing for females which he in a way is right.  If you want to make a clothing line for just males or just females you are well within your rights to do that.  The Problem is when LaVar says he wants to go toe to toe with these big companies you need a female line to truly compete whether you like it or not.

For the record I don’t necessarily believe LaVar told Leahy to stay in her lane solely because she was a women but more because Leahy has said she doesn’t agree with all of LaVars antics.  Regardless it is still a terrible look and he should probably have more self awareness.  Or not be a complete jack ass.

If LaVar can’t take a few negative comments from a reporter how is he going to handle the LA media on a daily basis?  Playing in LA, especially with the Lakers isn’t like playing in Milwaukee or Orlando.  With the attention LaVar has attracted to himself and his son he is due for a rude awakening when the Lakers have a rough stretch in the season or Lonzo himself is playing bad or if LaVars business has trouble taking off.

LaVar has made it known he only wants Lonzo to play with the Lakers and with LA getting the number 2 pick it looks like that dream will come true.  The question is whether LaVars antics will be tolerated with Laker great Magic Johnson.

Last night after the lottery results ESPNs Ryen Russillo tweeted this.

Its coming off as if LaVar thinks he can walk on water and with the attention and praise he has gotten from a lot of people in and outside the media why wouldn’t he?  NBA teams will have to figure out what the proper way to handle this guy because Lonzos talent is too good not to pass up.  If anyone in LA has the power to shut this guy up it is Mr. Laker himself Magic Johnson.

The question on when this sideshow will come to end remains but you have to think that after these questions to an established reporter like Kristine Leahy the media attention he has gotten may slow down a bit.

Just Pop Being Pop

Anyone who follows anything NBA knows Spurs Coach Greg Popovich has a knack for blowing off the media whether it is his post game press conference or the sideline reporters.

Pop made news this week for his rant to the media about the “dirty” play Warriors Center Zaza Pachulia made on Kawhi Leonard.

The irony in this interview is Pop defended Bruce Bowen for years who was notorious for his dirty play and everyone in Phoenix remembers the Western Conference Finals when Robert Horry checked Steve Nash into the scorers table.  If I remember correctly Pop was completely fine with the dirty play when it benefitted him.

Tonight, after the Spurs got blown out by 36 points in game 2 against Golden State Pop went off on another rant to the media.

Go to the 3 minute and 10 second mark to see the question and response.

Ok first off, Greg Popovich is one of if not the greatest NBA coach of all time.  I’m not saying he is a bad coach or he should be fired.  Second, I have actually heard Pop is a very nice guy in person, I am not saying he is the worst in the world.

My point is his act is just old and worn out.  I understand the last thing you want to do after a 36 point loss is go and talk to the media.  But at the end of the day it is your job to go and talk to the media after games, TV networks pay 100 of millions of dollars to show these games it isn’t the end of the world for you to answer a few questions.  There is no reason to act like a 12-year-old whose mom told him to take out the trash.

The question wasn’t the greatest but it wasn’t the worst, it also isn’t your job to decide what a good question and what a bad question is, there was no reason to put the guy down who is simply trying to do his job.  I MAY be able to see the response if the media was calling for Pops job everyday and this was the tipping point.  Actually, it is the exact opposite.  The media LOVES Pop!  Anything he says or does the media responds with a “Man Pop is the best!” or “Gotta love Pop” or “HAHAHA ohhh that is just Pop being Pop.”

Pop is the popular guy in high school that has never been told he is not funny because everyone just wants to be on his good side.  Whether it is him blowing off reporters or shoving his political beliefs down our throats.

This act was kinda funny years ago when it started but now it is just old.


Ohio State and Michigan to FOX

Eleven Warriors-So long to the annual showdown between Ohio State and Michigan at noon on ABC.

The Game is officially going to be broadcasted on FOX this fall, as Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh meet for the third time on the gridiron on Nov. 25 at Michigan Stadium. FOX confirmed the news during its upfronts on Monday.

Growing up a Ohio State fan there are very few things I hate more than Michigan.  I actually despise everything about Michigan, I hate their colors, that stupid fucking fight song, and that stupid stadium that is filled with Red every time Ohio State comes into town.

As much as I hate That Team Up North, there is nothing I love more than TTUN and Ohio State week.  I spend all week watching old games whether it is the 2006 game or the 1968 game.

As if the Meyer vs Harbaugh storyline and the way last years game ended wasn’t enough excitement for this rivalry.  We can now hopefully add a new man to the rivalry and that is Fox head broadcaster Gus Johnson.  With Brent Musberger gone Gus Johnson is easily my favorite broadcaster.  I can’t think of anyone who has more excitement in his voice than Gus.

Here are some videos of  Gus and if you don’t get pumped up by his voice I think it is reasonable to believe you do not have a pulse.

After watching this I feel like I could kill a bear with my bear hands after running through a brick wall.

Gus is exactly what this rivalry needs.  20 years from now I hope to be watching old Ohio State TTUN games with Gus Johnson absolutely losing his mind at every huge play.

It isn’t official whether Gus and his partner Joel Klatt, who is also one of the more underrated Color Analysts in College Football, will be calling this game in November but it is hard to believe Fox wouldn’t put their A-team on what most believe to have huge implications on the College Football Playoff.

As a reminder to all I am writing this on the evening of May 15th and Michigan STILL SUCKS!

Heading West?

“The Eastern Conferences is awful!”  It is something NBA fans have been hearing and saying for years.  It is a common belief amongst NBA fans that the Western Conference is by and large the better conference in the NBA.

This is an argument people will use against Lebron James when talking about how good he really is.  A lot of people will never give Lebron credit on his dominance of the Eastern Conference just because, well it is the Eastern Conference.


The point of today is to try to figure out why the Eastern Conference is so bad.  How come the East has been proclaimed as an “easy” road to the Finals for Lebron.

The other question is, if the East is sooooo easy why doesn’t anyone leave the West and head East?

Lets compare this to another figure that has dominated his sport.  Nick Saban

If you remember about 10 years ago Urban Meyers Florida Gators won the College Football National Championship, which started a historic run for SEC football.  The SEC would go on to win the next seven National Titles.  The SEC was by far the best conference in college football and some of the teams that would lose three games in a season would be better than some conference champions.

As of late the SEC isn’t near as what it used to be.  Nick Saban is a school paying a different Dad, a kick 6, and made field goal away from winning eight strait SEC titles.  No one wants to go coach in the SEC because if your name isn’t Nick Saban you aren’t going to win the SEC.  Saban has destroyed the SEC it has forced schools to make fast and irrational decisions, like LSU who fired Les Miles because he wasn’t keeping up with Nick Saban or Tennessee who fired legendary Coach Phillip Fulmer.  If your name isn’t Alabama odds are you are going to be looking for a new coach in the next couple years or the NCAA is going to hand down a big punishment for the violations you committed.  That would be you Ole Miss.


Like Saban destroying programs in the SEC, Lebron has destroyed many teams hopes in the East.

You can already see players wanting to move West as oppose to staying in the “easy” Eastern Conference.  Paul George has made it well-known he wants to go play in Los Angeles.  Kyle Lowry has come out and said he is going to test Free agency and has said “I just want a ring.”

Obviously nothing is official about these two notable stars possibly heading West.  But the fact they are considering leaving the East is interesting.

If the East is so easy why isn’t Lowry staying with Toronto or George wanting to stay with Indiana?  If the East is so easy it must be an easy decision for Gordon Hayward to leave Utah and head to Boston because all you have to do is get through just one team to get to the Finals.  Look out for Demarcus Cousins heading East to get his easy trip to the finals because all he has to do is get on a team and beat Lebron.

Except it is not that easy.  Like at the beginning of every football season we know that Nick Saban is going to be in position to play for that National Title, just like Lebron James is going to be playing for an NBA title come June.

How the SEC has transformed around him since he got to Alabama is an example of why Saban is the greatest College Football coach ever.  How the Eastern Conference has transformed around Lebron should be an example of why Lebron is one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Why don’t more Coaches go down South?  Why don’t more players go East?  They just have to beat one guy.

Because they know beating that one guy is harder than it sounds.




Browns Draft in Review

The Draft is finally over, after months of mock drafts and speculation General Managers, coaches and fans now have an good idea who will be in training camp and for the most part who will be in uniform for the first game of the season.

On the other hand Browns fans have been filling out mock drafts since they traded away the number two pick in last years draft, which ended up being Carson Wentz.  Today I am going to give you my opinion on how the Browns did in this years draft.  This years answer is a little different than years past.

Myles Garrett-A

Lets give the Browns credit where it is due.  Unlike most drafts there wasn’t a Quarterback that stood out to be the number one overall pick so the Browns were “stuck” with taking Myles Garrett out of Texas a&m.  The Browns didn’t overthink this one, it also could have been very easy for them to take the hometown boy Mitch Trubisky. Taking Trubisky would have won the press conference, sold some jerseys, and maybe would have sold some tickets.  All of those reasons are why it was a good decision to pass on Trubisky.  The Browns need some stability, they need playmakers and unfortunately there was too many question marks with Trubisky to take him number one.  Garrett gives you a pass rush off the edge and you pair him up with Ogbah on the other end and Danny Shelton in the middle the Browns now have a solid young Defensive line to grow under new Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

To sum it up whenever you are able to get the best player in the draft it deserves an A.

Jabrill Peppers-B

As an Ohio State fan I have to get all the hate I ever had for Jabrill Peppers and begin to start rooting for him.  This hasn’t been the easiest transition I’ve had to go through in life and quite frankly it may be the worst.  How do you go from hating someone so much to having to like him?

I give this one a B for a few reasons.  The Browns passed on tremendous talent like, Malik Hooker, Jonathon Allen, OJ Howard, and more to swap picks with the Texans. Houston got the Browns 12th pick and the Browns received their 25th pick this year and the Texans first rounder next year.

On a side note, what a offseason the Browns and Texans have had! Real quick here is the summary of the Browns and Texans interaction this offseason.  Essentially, the Texans traded a first round, second round, and Brock Osweiler for a Fourth rounder and Deshaun Watson.

Back to the draft.  At 25 the Browns took Michigans all-purpose man Jabrill Peppers.  My only concern about this pick is where is he going to play?  Peppers was seen all over the field on both Offense and Defense, even though he is technically listed as a Safety it will be interesting to see where the Browns put him.  After rewatching all of his games from this past season my guess is he would be a Strong Safety and would be utilized more towards the line of scrimmage sort of like Troy Polamalu was for Pittsburgh.  You also could see him used as a hybrid linebacker kind of like Arizonas Deone Bucannon who is athletic enough to cover backs and Tight Ends and can even put pressure on the Quarterback.

In summary I don’t love the pick because in my opinion they passed up better players at 12, but you got a first round pick for next year and if a guy like Gregg Williams likes him I guess I can’t complain too much.  After everything I give the pick a B.

Deshone Kizer-A

I absolutely love this pick and I love it for many reasons.  First off I love it because the Browns got him at 52.  If the Browns drafted him at 12 I probably would be writing how we screwed up the draft, but because we got him so low it was an absolute steal and it was because of the Browns being patient and not reaching for something that wasn’t there.

Kizer is a guy out of Notre Dame who had some big games two years ago and showed first round talent, but a down year this past season at Notre Dame made some people second guess his talent.  Kizer is a big guy sitting at 6’4″ 234 and has a big arm and has the ability to make plays with his feet.

Before we go on lets take a look at all the other quarterbacks in the AFC North

Ben Roethlisberger- 6’5″ 241

Joe Flacco- 6’6″ 245

Andy Dalton-6’2″ 220

What all these guys have in common is, that they are big guys with big arms.  To play in the AFC North you need to be durable and have the ability to push the ball down the field.  That is one of the reasons why the Steelers and Ravens have been successful in the postseason.  No matter what the elements those teams have had Quarterbacks that are able to effectively throw the ball in any condition.

Kizer has that potential, he showed it at times while at Notre Dame.  Maybe it was good for Kizer to get out of Notre Dame and get under NFL coaching to tap into the potential he has.  There will be a three way competition in Berea this summer and Kizer has every opportunity to win the job this training camp.  If he does and turns out to be the Quarterback the Browns have been looking for this Browns regime will look like geniuses, and if he turns out to be terrible the Browns are in position to draft another Quarterback out of a class that looks to be much stronger than the on this year.

As low as the Browns got Kizer and the upside he has I have to give the pick an A.

All of the rest-B

I am not going to dissect every draft pick the Browns made, mostly because I don’t know anything about them.  Because I don’t know anything about most I am just going to tell you about the ones I do know.

Zane Gonzalez- Arizona State

For those of you that don’t know about this guy, just know he is a stud.  As someone who goes to Arizona State and went to multiple games this year, this guy was one of the few bright spots for the Sun Devils this past season.  ASU was awful but you could always rely on this guy to put it through the uprights.  Gonzalez, who holds the NCAA record for most made Field Goals, fills a void the Browns have had since they let Phil Dawson walk in Free Agency a few years back.  Zane will probably be the Browns kicker come September, so how can you not love a guy who you drafted in the seventh round who is going to contribute day one?

Caleb Brantley-Florida

This pick really makes no sense to me.  This guy is under investigation for hitting his girlfriend and most scouts were saying to stay away from this guy.  Not only that Sashi Brown in his press conference said that he may not stay on the roster because of this legal issue.  So my question is why waste a sixth round pick on the guy?  The guy could be in jail come September and it is a subject management will be asked questions on until this gets solved.  It seems like an unnecessary distraction the Browns put on themselves.

Things to think about

If Trubisky or Watson turn out to be great this draft will be considered a failure.  I don’t think either will be top 10 Quarterbacks in the future, but it is worth noting if either of these guys turns out to be the next great Quarterback, the Browns will be remembered for passing on both of these guys.

Overall- A

I have to give this draft an A, you got the best player in the draft with Garrett, a player who Gregg Williams loves, your possible Quarterback at tremendous value, and a quality kicker late in the draft.

These are not words I am used to, but I think the Browns had a great draft.