Hold On Jim Kong

Per the Daily Mail US.

US officials are concerned that a North Korean missile test launch will take place today.

Government sources in South Korea told the Yonhap News Agency that transporter erector launchers carrying ICBM launch tubes in North Pyongan province have been moved by North Korea.

Speaking anonymously, a US defense official said if a test was to go ahead it would be of either an intermediate-range missile or North Korea’s ICBM – known as a KN-20 or a Hwasong-14, and would take place ‘probably’ today as North Korea celebrates Victory Day – the 64th anniversary of the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement

Experts assessed it could have put Alaska in range, bringing Pyongyang’s long-held dream of a missile that can deliver an atomic warhead to the United States within reach. 

A South Korean government source told Yonhap: ‘Movements by transporter erector launchers carrying intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch tubes have been continuously observed in North Pyongan.

‘There is a high possibility that the North may carry out (the test launch) around the July 27 armistice day.’

A second US defense official confirmed the fears, adding: ‘They’re setting up for something.’ 

If the launch goes ahead, it would be the second time Pyongyang has tested an ICBM after its July 4 rocket launch. 

State-run news agency Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported a threat to strike the US on Tuesday in response to comments CIA Director Mike Pompeo made last week. 

He said Trump’s administration needs to find a way to separate the country’s Supreme Leader from their nuclear weapons, CNN reported. 

Pompeo said: ‘As for the regime, I am hopeful we will find a way to separate that regime from this system.

‘The North Korean people I’m sure are lovely people and would love to see him go.’ 

Though he did not say that the administration was actually working on that, KCNA said the comments are ‘over the line’. 

 ‘It has now become clear that the ultimate aim of the Trump Administration… is the regime change,’ the agency added.

According to KCNA, a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson said: ‘The DPRK legally stipulates that if the supreme dignity of the DPRK is threatened, it must preemptively annihilate those countries and entities that are directly or indirectly involved in it, by mobilizing all kinds of strike means including the nuclear ones.

‘Should the US dare to show even the slightest sign of attempt to remove our supreme leadership, we will strike a merciless blow at the heart of the US with our powerful nuclear hammer, honed and hardened over time.’

The report comes as US officials are saying North Korea could be capable of launching a nuclear attack on other continents within just one year. 

Independent experts said today that the missile that was launched by Kim on July 4 isn’t capable of carrying a nuclear payload across the Pacific – but that may not hold for long, officials told The Washington Post.

The Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) says that North Korea is on track to build a nuclear-equipped intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) within the next year, shaving two years off the previous projections. 

Both the DIA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) declined to respond to the Washington Post about the classified assessments.

However, the ODNI’s national intelligende manager for East Asia, Scott Bray, did say that the July 4 launch was ‘one of the milestones that we have expected would help refine our timeline and judgments.’

‘This test, and its impact on our assessments, highlight the threat that North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs pose to the United States, to our allies in the region, and to the whole world,’ he added. 

‘The intelligence community is closely monitoring the expanding threat from North Korea.’

Ok, so as you read the article despite the  most deceiving headline ever!

Yeah, Kim Jong Un who will now be referred to as Jim Kong (crediting Barstool Heartland for that name) is not the brightest guy out there and probably shouldn’t be messing with nuclear bombs.  But we knew that already.

My first thought when I read that headline, which was followed by laughter, was “Fuck no football season is too close”.

I don’t know what would be worse; No football season at all or a nuclear bomb that takes out multiple cities in the United States.

Taking out multiple cities would suck but not having a football season would literally kill me.

So, I am here today to give Jim Kong some advice and maybe meet halfway.  If Jim Kong wants to bomb us go for it I guess (even though this thing is probably going to end up in the Sea of Japan) but lets agree on a time frame of when we should do it.

Today I will give Jim Kong the best times of years to bomb us.


I would prefer it to be a couple weeks before Christmas.  Like December 15th.

Every year you go through the same traditions.  You listen to the same songs you’ve listened to every year since you were a kid.

If you are in a relationship or married you have to buy your significant other a gift with money you most likely don’t have.  Think of all the money you would save because you don’t have to by gifts.

If you are single you no longer have to walk around; all the malls, restaurants, movie theaters, or where ever couples go for the holidays, a lone and you are dodging all the couples, like you are a NFL running back just to get from point A to point B.

You also don’t have to call your Mom to ask for money to get your Dad a present and you don’t have to call your Dad for money to get your Mom a present.  Also, you don’t have to explain to your siblings why you gave them a $10 gift card to some department store for the third year in a row.

I know what you are thinking, “But Will we would miss the playoffs” I know that would suck, but for most fan bases in the NFL know their season is over anyway.  Now you don’t have to watch your teams arch rival make a deep run into the playoffs.

This isn’t the most ideal because some people for whatever reason like Christmas, and everyone enjoys the playoffs but at least you got some football.

Has your team ever been knocked out of the playoffs by week 10?  It sucks watching your team in December.  Half your team is rookies or guys that are just trying not to get hurt.  Your home stadium is half empty and the other half is filled with opposing teams fans.  IT SUCKS!  The world ending by Kim Jong would avoid all of this.

After the NBA Regular Season

Listen, I love the NBA and despite how bad the playoffs have been the past couple years I still enjoy them and watch whatever game is on.

But, I would rather die than watch the Warriors win another NBA title.  Can you imagine a world where Swaggy P is an NBA champion, and JaVale McGee is a two time NBA champion?  Just right there is a reason to end the world.

We don’t have to go through a boring NBA playoffs where the Warriors boat race everyone and we don’t have to hear FS1 argue Lebrons legacy.

I would say we don’t have watch the Cavs dominate the East, but we don’t know how that is gonna go…. Thanks Kyrie

To sum it up we eliminate Warriors fans (who were Lakers fans 10 years ago), a boring NBA playoffs, and the dead time of summer where only baseball is on.

The Day After the Super Bowl

The day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday anyway.  It is celebrated more than any other holiday anyway.  We all gather at someones house, drink a bunch of beer, eat lots of food, and celebrate the last minutes of the football season.

I am almost certain that absolutely no work gets done on this day.  Everyone is tired from their Super Bowl party, everyone is talking about the result of the Super Bowl, people are traveling from the actual game, and people are depressed because football season is over.

This would be a great time for Jim Kong to end the world.  Because, you don’t have to go to work the next day.  We can finally have that day off we have always been asking for.

Doing it on the day after the Super Bowl means we don’t have to go through the rest of the NBA season where we argue about what Lebrons tweets mean.  We don’t have to listen to sports talk shows scramble for hot takes, don’t have to watch the Warriors win another title, and we don’t have to go through the time where only baseball is on TV.

Odds are this bomb is just going to land 40 miles off the coast of Japan, because Kim Jong failing is more of a tradition than the Masters.

But if he is going to do it please let us get through football season we have been waiting too long.  I have invested too much time in researching the Week 1 lines, scouting for my fantasy team, thinking about the foods I am going to eat, and praying that the Browns win more than one game.  If you think about it if he is going to end us this close to the season, all the breathing I have been doing since the Super Bowl has been pointless.

Just let us have football Jim Kong.  Don’t be an asshole.



Kyrie Irving Mess

I am sure we have all heard by now that Cavaliers Point Guard Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland and wants a fresh start somewhere else.

The story was leaked by ESPNs Brian Windhorst.

“Kyrie Irving is ready to end his run with the Cleveland Cavaliers, as league sources told ESPN that the point guard has asked the team to trade him.

The request came last week and was made to Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. Irving has said that he wants to play in a situation where he can be more of a focal point and that he no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James, sources said.

Among several possibilities discussed in Irving’s meeting with the Cavaliers, the San Antonio Spurs were raised as a preferred destination, league sources told ESPN. Irving said he’d also be willing to join the New York KnicksMiami Heatand Minnesota Timberwolves, league sources said.”

I needed a few days to cool off because I received the news on Friday afternoon and I was heated.  It didn’t make any sense to me that Kyrie Irving who was just a year removed from winning an NBA title and was a month removed from helping get his team to a 3rd strait NBA finals.

On Sunday morning ESPN released a story by Ramona Shelburne, Dave McMenamin and Brian Windhorst.  The question was answered why does Irving want to leave Cleveland?

“Irving was tired of being Robin to James’ Batman. Tired of having another superstar — even one of the best players of all time — in control of his fate. Yes, he had learned from James in the three seasons they’d played together. Yes, he was appreciative. But Irving felt the time had come to take his destiny into his own hands. He wanted to be the centerpiece of a team, as he thought he was going to be three years ago, when he signed a five-year extension 11 days before James decided to come home.”

Irving wants power he wants to be THE guy, which could be understandable.  Irving like I said hit the game winning shot in last years finals, and he averaged just under 30 ppg in this past finals.

A lot of people think Kyrie is right for asking for a trade.  Some say he is just doing what Lebron has done to Cleveland and Miami.  My argument to that is Lebron has never asked for a trade, he was waited till he is a free agent.

But, back to the question.  Can Kyrie Irving be who he thinks he is?  Can he be the centerpiece of a franchise?

My answer is No.

Kyrie Irving is a top 10 offensive player in the NBA, in terms of being a smaller guy (by NBA standards) he may be the best finisher at the rim ever.  Watching him finish at the rim is a true art when you watch how he is able to adjust his body in mid air.  The problem is Irving is absolutely atrocious on defense and doesn’t seem to be the guy who makes other players around him better.

Irving finished the 2016-17 season with a Offense Real Plus and Minus of +4.35, which is very good.  His Defensive Real Plus and Minus was an abysmal -2.30.  I admit that not all players play stellar defense on a night to night basis but Irvings defense has been criticized since he came into the league.

Irving seems to be the guy who would go to a lesser team in the Eastern Conference and average close to 30 ppg and his team floating around below .500 and most likely getting bounced in the first round.

ESPN Cleveland tweeted out a quote from Windhorst from an interview with their local affiliate.

After last years game 7 Irving face timed Kobe and has made several references to Kobes “Mamba Mentality”.  Which I still don’t know what that means.  I am guessing it means take a bunch of inefficient shots, be tough to play with, and on your way out act like you liked everyone as everyone pats your back.

I think this is a huge risk for Irving, leaving the games biggest star of the past 10 years.  Cleveland with all the off season drama is still in the best position to win it all if Golden State suffers a major injury.  From the sounds of it Irving would rather go to a lesser team and put up big numbers then try to stick it out one more year with Lebron.

In the same article from Sunday morning it is noted that Irving is jealous of Damian Lillard and John Wall.  Which is funny because you would think the two would be jealous of Irving.  Neither have made it past the second round of the playoffs and Irving has played in three straight Finals.

Another thing that makes this funny.  Irvings image has grown since Lebron has came back to Cleveland.  Irvings shoe finished second in sales behind Lebrons shoe, not to mention Irvings famous Uncle Drew Pepsi commercials which are going to be turned into a movie, and Kyrie lead the team in shots this year.

Irving says he wants to be the guy but he requested to go to San Antonio who already has Kawhi Leonard, and Minnesota who already has Karl-Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler.  He requested Miami who has former teammate Dion Waiters who did not seem to mesh when both were in Cleveland.  Irving even said he wants to go to the Knicks which you could argue to be the most dysfunctional franchise in sports.

I can understand egos take part in pro sports, you can hate it all you want but its there.  Irving seems to be contradicting himself saying he wants to be THE guy even though he has endorsements that other stars don’t have, he wants to be the main guy in the offense but gets more shots than anyone.

Not to mention if Lebron were to stay, Lebron is getting older and doesn’t want as much as the workload.  Irving could theoretically be THE guy like he wants getting more shots and more attention.

People who are applauding Irving seem to be doing it because Irving seems to be sticking it to James.  They aren’t thinking about how good do you think he really is.  If Irving wants to have power he has to have the talent to back it up, he has to be so good teams will do anything to get him on their team.

The Suns reportedly won’t even give the Cavs first round pick Josh Jackson paired with Eric Bledsoe to get Irving.  The only way the Knicks would get Irving is giving up Porzingis.  If I am the Knicks I am not giving up Porzingis.  Unless the Cavs want Carmelo Anthony no way he ends up on the Knicks.  The Cavs wouldn’t even give up Kevin Love to get Melo, why would they give up Kyrie who has more value than Love to get Melo?  Would Minnesota possibly give Wiggins and some picks for Irving?  That seems to be the last realistic deal to be made.

People seem to forget that for a trade to go through BOTH teams have to accept the trade.  When considering to trade Irving you have to get a player or two back in return who could help the Cavs title chase next year and possibly build for the future.  Their may not be a trade out there.  With the Suns pulling Jackson out of talks, and if a deal can’t get done with Minnesota to possibly get Wiggins.  Irving and the Cavs may be stuck with each other.

The Cavs best option may be to get Irving, James and the Front Office all in a room and figure this situation out.

In the NBA you never get four quarters on the dollar when you trade a star to another team.  The Cavs are never going to get equal value for Irving, but I think you have to try to at least get 50 cents on the dollar.

Unless something crazy happens in the next couple weeks I could see Irving right back with the Cavaliers next season.  You can add this to all the storyline drama the Cavs have faced the past three years.

Hugh Freeze Resigns

Per Bleacher Report:

The Ole Miss Rebels announced Thursday that head football coach Hugh Freeze “resigned effective immediately” before elaborating on the details in a press conference.

Dan Wolken of USA Today reported Thursday Freeze made a one-minute call from a school-issued phone “to a number associated with a female escort service.” The call came to light as part of a federal lawsuit former Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt filed against the school alleging it violated his severance agreement.

Athletics director Ross Bjork said during the presser, “We proactively looked into the rest of (Hugh Freeze‘s) phone records & found a concerning pattern,” per Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports.

For those of you who didn’t know Ole Miss was under NCAA investigations already for many rule violations.  Last week as it says above former Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt filed a lawsuit against the school for violating his severance agreement.  The article goes on to explain what they found in this lawsuit that forced Freeze to resign.

According to reporter Brett McMurphy, Bjork said Freeze “admitted the (personal) misconduct” before resigning. 

This all came after Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports reported Thursday, per sources, Freeze’s position was “in immediate jeopardy” after “explosive new information” came to light.

“Nutt’s attorney, Thomas Mars, sent an e-mail to Lee Tyner, the school’s general counsel, referencing a ‘phone call Coach Freeze made that would be highly embarrassing for all of you and extremely difficult to explain,'” Wolken wrote.

Freeze couldn’t explain the reasoning behind the call but raised the notion it could have been a misdial.

“I’ve got no idea, to be honest,” Freeze said, per Forde. “I was in an 813 area code and that was a 313 number, I think that might have been a misdial. I don’t think there was even a conversation. There’s nothing to it.”

Forde noted Yahoo Sports obtained the coach’s phone records, confirming the call lasted a single minute “raising the possibility” it was a misdial.

Wolken explained Nutt’s lawsuit alleges Freeze and Bjork were among the Ole Miss officials who “conspired to smear him” by telling reporters off the record many of the violations in the ongoing NCAA infractions case against the Rebels happened under Nutt.

However, Forde noted the NCAA’s updated Notice of Allegations charged the program with 21 violations with 17 involving Freeze’s tenure.

To sum all of this up, Hugh Freeze tried to hire a hooker using his school issued phone and he got caught.  Why? because he did it using his school issued phone!!

Listen, I believe college sports is very dirty.  I think most programs out there are doing illegal things to get ahead of their rival schools and the coaches are doing it to get an extra pay day.  I also think Freeze isn’t the only coach who has ordered a prostitute.  The difference is Freeze got caught and when you get caught doing illegal things you have no option but to face the punishment.

We all knew OleMiss was shady back in 2013 when all of a sudden they land the number eight recruiting class in the nation.  A 7-6 team from the year before landed the top high school player in Robert Nkemdiche, the top high school Lineman Laremy Tunsil, and the top high school Wide Receiver in Laquon Treadwell.  Anyone with a brain knew that their was no way Hugh Freeze was getting these guys to go to Oxford, Mississippi with clean hands.

Ole Miss should have fired Freeze right when the NCAA opened its investigation, their was no way they were going to get off with no punishment.  Especially after Laremy Tunsils draft night disaster where text messages were released of him illegally talking to agents.

The prostitution argument brings a political voice to this conversation.  Some believe it should be legal.  People believe if the sex is consensual men should be allowed to pay for sex.  People also believe that it is wrong to pay for sex and the law shouldn’t promote such thing.  Regardless of your political view we can all agree he was an idiot for using his school issued phone.

Last January Freeze signed an extension that would make Ole Miss pay him $5 million a year.  $5 million a year and this guy couldn’t go out and buy himself a new phone that only he knew he had.

Lesson of the day if you are going to do dirty stuff, don’t be an idiot like Hugh Freeze.