Lifting Hands International

Lifting Hands International is a non profit organization that provides humanitarian effort for home and abroad.  Check out my video below and find out all the good things this organization does.


Fun NCAA tournament information

The NCAA tournament is sadly starting to wind down and we will soon find out which fan base we have to insufferably listen to for the next year.  Although, have you ever wondered which state has the most bragging rights.  Unfortunately, California leads all states with appearances and National Titles, but the tradition filled state of North Carolina is second with appearances and National Titles.  Kentucky comes in third in both categories.  Obviously the National championship numbers will change after next Monday.

Spring Training Special

On Sunday Feb. 26th, 2017 the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs took part in a World Series rematch, but this is not what this video is about. Every February Major League Baseball teams leave their cities and head down to the warmth of either Arizona or Florida. Spring Training may be a month of “meaningless” exhibition games but that doesn’t keep people from going to the ballpark to enjoy an afternoon of baseball. Watch this video to find out why Spring Training is so special in its own little way.