I have a love hate relationship with October baseball.  It is so stressful and it is the only sport where the playoffs last one month with the exception of the NFL.  You don’t get any days off except for travel days, and you could be feeling good about your teams chances and in a blink of an eye your 2-0 lead is now 2-2.  Now the trip to the World Series that you have been dreaming about since Nov. 2nd of last year is now in jeopardy.

A lot of times you can get caught up with every pitch and every swing and you are so into it you lose track of reality and every thought you have is as irrational as Kyrie Irving thinking the world is flat.

It is do or die time for the Tribe.  Since, last November Indians fans have been hoping and dreaming to get another shot at the World Series.  Especially now that we have the longest World Series drought.

It has been 69 years since we won our last title.  NOT NICE

We are even hearing it from last nights broadcast crew where I believe it was Tom Verducci said, when the Indians put on their uniform they are also wearing the history of the team.


Can you imagine Lindor and Kipnis putting on their jerseys and say to each other. “Man this jersey would be a lot lighter without all this history.

Anyway, these last two games in New York have been awful and nothing went right.

From Judges robbed home run in game 3 to Urshela’s less than stellar night at third base in game 4.

Yankees fans loved it and FS1 had no problems showing every stupid Yankee fan with their unbuttoned jerseys and gold chains.  GOD I hate Yankee fans, they are truly the scum of the earth.

But, we are back at the Jake tomorrow (Yeah I know its not called that anymore but I will always call it that) and we got our Cy young pitcher on the mound.  If you would have told me a week ago we had Corey Kluber pitching game 5 of the ALDS at home I would have been ecstatic.

I think Cleveland fans need to relax a bit.  Yeah, New York wasn’t pretty but name me all the teams that can call their playoff trips to Yankee Stadium pretty.  There isn’t many.

Yes, the offense is a bit concerning and there are several questions Cleveland fans are asking.  What is going on with Edwin’s ankle?  Why does Ramirez not seem like himself? What is going on with Lindor?  Why does Brantley look lost?

Despite all the questions Francona is going to stick with his guys through good times and bad.  He trusts his guys and we see how his guys trust him.

Saying that I don’t see many changes.

I do think you will see something done with Kipnis or Brantley.

The sac fly to Center that scored Todd Frazier last night, showed the bad part of having an inexperienced centerfielder in October.  Almost any other centerfielder throws Frazier out.  But, Kipnis has done well out in Centerfield so you may see him out there again.

Urshela is a young guy and for how great he has been this season at third base it is tough for a young player to rebound after the night he had last night.

One option would be putting Kip back at second and Ramirez back at third and put Austin Jackson in Center.  But, that is a big change and could show some panic.  Like it is said earlier Francona doesn’t make irrational decisions and this one would come off as a huge panic move.

Option two would be just moving Kip to the DH spot.

Yeah, Kip hasn’t been great at the plate either but Brantley truly looks lost out there.  Moving Kip to DH and Jackson to Center would just be a tiny adjustment and probably a better adjustment than above.  Maybe Kip can focus on hitting and not what is going on in center and he can sneak in a hit or two to a lineup that would take any production at this point.

Option three would be Edwin coming back for Wednesday night.

I don’t think we realized how much Edwin tied this lineup together.  Having a guy who can hit 38 homers in the middle of your line up is HUGE.  And, believe it or not when he isn’t in the lineup it makes a HUGE difference.

Who would have thought?

Per Paul Hoynes from Francona believes Edwin could play tomorrow.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Manager Terry Francona said DH Edwin Encarnacion could return to the Indians’ starting lineup Wednesday night for a decisive Game 5 of the ALDS at Progressive Field.

Encanacion has not played since Game 2 when he left in the first inning after spraining his right ankle going back into second base to try and avoid a double play.

Asked if Encarnacion could play in Wednesday’s winner-take-all game, Francona said, “I think so. He’s been hitting off the machine already. We’re going to have him run during the workout today. He’s never exactly our biggest basestealing threat, but we want to use common sense.

“He’ll do some running during our workout and we’ll gauge where he is. But I think he’s going to be OK.”

After taking a 2-0 lead against the Yankees in the ALDS, the Indians went to Yankee Stadium and lost two straight. Encarnacion did not play in Gamed 3 or 4 after spraining his ankle in the first inning of Game 2. Wednesday night’s winner will face Houston in the AL Championship Series.

The Tribe’s offense scored three runs in Games 3 and 4 in the Bronx. They could definitely use Encarnacion’s presence in the middle of the lineup. He hit 38 homers and drove in 107 runs during the regular season for them.

“During Monday night’s game, he was hitting in the cage and moving around a little bit,” said Francona. “So I bet you he’s OK.”

Encarnacion and several other players took some swings of Ryan Merritt in a simulated game. Merritt is nowhere near as big as Sabathia, but he is left-handed.

How sweet would it be for Cleveland to have its own Willis Reed moment or Kirk Gibson moment.  Could you imagine Edwin coming up to bat after we all thought his season was over and hits a fucking bomb to the Q across the street.  The Jake would probably collapse.

My prediction for tomorrow is Kluber becomes Kluber again and gives us 7 strong innings.  The bats come a live a little bit and the Indians win 3-1.

It is important for Cleveland sports fans to know that this is how playoffs happen.  We have been spoiled with the Cavs and last years Indians team where we just cruise to the Finals and the World Series.

Playoffs gives us the ups where we want to party all night and watch the same highlight over and over.  It also gives us the lows where we want to jump headfirst off the roof into the shallow end of your neighbors pool.

It is important to remember that you have to enjoy the rollar coaster ride we call playoff baseball.  It wasn’t too long ago where we dreamed of just making the playoffs and now we want to jump off a bridge when we don’t sweep.

I know I am very excited for tomorrows matchup and I am confident that this team that is probably the most resilient Cleveland team in the past 20 years is going to come through.

And if they don’t. You can find me passed out on my couch tomorrow night surrounded by beer cans listening to David Bowie and Tom Petty and maybe even some Johnny Cash.

Go Tribe.




October and Your Kids

I have a confession to make…. I hate October baseball.

I especially hate it when the Indians are in it.

Well, I don’t fully hate October, I also love it at the same time.

It is the exact definition of a love hate relationship.

I hate it because it is a grind like none other.  Being a fan of a team that is in the MLB playoffs is one of the most emotionally draining experiences you will ever go through.

Let me explain.

Think of baseball like having a kid.

Now, I don’t have a kid, never had a kid, and I hope I don’t have a kid for awhile.

But, I watch a lot of movies so I feel like I have good idea what this whole parenting thing is about.

When you are a parent their is good times; like when you take your kid to an amusement park, baseball game,  or cute things like a father daughter dance.

Everything is cute, you have your kid sit on your shoulders, they get excited about fake cartoon characters, a picture with your daughter in a dress she got excited about, or when your kid catches a foul ball.

All these things are great, yeah you may have some rough times but for the most part those are the moments you miss.

This is the regular season.  You have good times; walk off wins, complete games, games that shouldn’t have been close but you enjoyed watching it.

Then comes the time when they become teenagers, this is what October baseball is like.

When kids become teenagers, they become emotionally draining.

All of a sudden they are trying to sneak out, you catch your son drinking your beers or smoking your cigarets.  You catch your daughter in a skimpy outfit when trying to meet her shit head boyfriend.  Then you get into an argument about her being an adult.

Everything that was “cute” about the kid is no more.  They are terrible human beings who make everyday of your life interesting.  It isn’t a fun interesting either.

It went from you screaming, “WHAT FOUR LETTER WORD DID YOU SAY!?”


Your kid is no longer innocent, they are officially pieces of shit and it is affecting everyday of your life.

You are a little more tired each day, you stop caring about things you should be caring about, and you are drinking a lot more than usuala.

Exactly like playoff baseball.

That closer who always lets two men on with no outs, but somehow finds a way to get out of the inning is no longer fun and something to joke about.

That guy in the lead off spot whose been slumping for a month but is considered a “great locker room guy” is no longer cool.  He sucks.

Your manager that just has that clueless face when things are going bad makes you twice as mad in October than it did in July.

You become less interested in everything.  If you are in College your As turn into Bs, Bs turn into Cs, and before you know it you are dropping all your classes and asking your boss for more hours at work.

You begin drinking every night and you feel like you age with every pitch.  Because you are drinking every night you are hungover everyday.

Not to mention, unlike all the other sports, baseball doesn’t get a day off after each game.

If your team loses 5-0 on Monday you will wake up on Tuesday most likely hung over  and bummed about the lost from last night, but then you have to prepare yourself for tonights game.

Now you are suicidal, hungover, and nervous all at the same time!!!!

It is awful, trust me.

But just like the reason you put up with your kids you put up with your team.

You put up with your kids because you live for the happy moments;  like when they graduate from High School or College, get their first job, house, or even get married.

You put up with October baseball with the hope you can win the World Series.  Winning the World Series is the greatest feeling a person could have.

You put up with the ups and downs and frustrating times because you want that sick World Series hat that you can wear everywhere you go, you can obnoxiously pour champagne on yourself, and you can brag to everyone how your team won the World Series and theres didn’t.

Through the good times and bad times, the ups and the down, the times when you thought about giving up, the time you almost lost your job.  You always stay with your kids and are also why you put up with the stresses of October baseball

I mean if you truly think about it, is being a fan of a team in the MLB playoffs tougher than being a parent?

I think we should embrace debate on this.


It was my Senior year of High School when my outlook on college sports changed.  My idol Jim Tressel was under investigation for lying to the NCAA when he knew about 5 players exchanging their own goods to get discounted tattoos.

We can argue on how big of deal that incident was.  My point is from that day forward I never trusted a coach on how “clean” a program is.

I made it a point to never be shocked when a player accepted benefits like Cam Newton or Reggie Bush.

I wasn’t shocked when North Carolina was caught putting athletes in classes that didn’t exist.

I wasn’t even shocked when I heard Louisville gave recruits on their visits strippers and prostitutes.

I was shocked on some occasions, like the Penn State and Baylor incidents.

But for the most part nothing shocked me, I love college sports even more than pro sports.  I watched every game with just the assumption that their was a little dirty play under the table.

I always assumed the NCAA knew when they give half-ass sanctions like Louisville and North Carolina.  Loss of scholarship, ban of postseason play etc.

The NCAA has always done just enough to get people off their backs, because eventually something knew would come up and we could talk about that.

Even with Sandusky at Penn State or Briles at Baylor never once did I think the NCAA would be in trouble.

Today is different, today I do wonder if this is the beginning of the end for the NCAA as we know it.

Here is an article written by describing the incident.  Link HERE

The FBI has arrested 10 people, including four NCAA basketball coaches and an Adidas manager, in a bribery investigation involving recruitment efforts.

The probe has revealed numerous instances of bribes paid to assistant and associate basketball coaches to exert influence over student athletes, according to documents filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. The papers were unsealed on Tuesday.

Among those arrested were Lamont Evans, an associate coach of Oklahoma State University, Chuck Person, an associate coach of Auburn University, Emanuel “Book” Richardson, an assistant coach of the University of Arizona, and Tony Bland, an associate coach of the University of Southern California.

FBI arrests NCAA basketball coaches and Adidas rep in bribery probe  

The FBI has arrested 10 people, including four NCAA basketball coaches and an Adidas manager, in a bribery investigation involving recruitment efforts.

The probe has revealed numerous instances of bribes paid to assistant and associate basketball coaches to exert influence over student athletes, according to documents filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. The papers were unsealed on Tuesday.

Among those arrested were Lamont Evans, an associate coach of Oklahoma State University, Chuck Person, an associate coach of Auburn University, Emanuel “Book” Richardson, an assistant coach of the University of Arizona, and Tony Bland, an associate coach of the University of Southern California.


Investigators said Evans bragged about his ability to steer athletes toward prospective agents and advisers, promising “every guy I recruit and get is my personal kid.”

A representative from Oklahoma State University told CNBC: “We were surprised to learn this morning of potential actions against one of our assistant basketball coaches by federal officials. We are reviewing and investigating the allegations.”

“We are cooperating fully with officials,” the Oklahoma State representative added. “Let it be clear we take very seriously the high standards of conduct expected in our athletic department. We will not tolerate any deviation from those standards.”

The other schools allegedly involved didn’t immediately respond to CNBC’s requests for comment.

The other individuals arrested are managers, financial advisors and a representative of German footwear maker Adidas.

According to court documents, the sports apparel executive listed is James “Jim” Gatto, whose LinkedIn profile identifies him as Adidas’ director of global sports marketing for basketball.

Gatto has been accused of getting $100,000 to an “All-American high school basketball player” — so the player would attend a school with an apparel contract with Adidas.

The description of that particular university — a public institution in Kentucky with 22,640 students — would match the University of Louisville. A representative from the school didn’t immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

Shares of Adidas fell more than 2 percent in Germany and the U.S. after the report.

“Today, we became aware that federal investigators arrested an adidas employee,” a spokeswoman from the international sports retailer said in a statement.

“We are learning more about the situation,” she wrote. “We’re unaware of any misconduct and will fully cooperate with authorities to understand more.”

Court papers show the FBI has been conducting a bribery investigating involving athletic recruiting at NCAA schools since 2015.

Investigators said basketball coaches have the ability to provide student athletes access to sports agents and other important figures.

“Moreover, many such coaches have enormous influence over the student-athletes who play for them, in particular with respect to guiding those student-athletes through the process of selecting agents and other advisers when they prepare to leave college and enter the NBA,” the complaints said.

“The investigation has revealed several instances in which coaches have exercised that influence by steering players and their families to retain particular advisers, not because of the merits of those advisers, but because the coaches were being bribed by the advisers to do so,” the court papers added.

The FBI made the 10 arrests Monday evening, a senior law enforcement official told NBC News. Person was arrested in Alabama; Bland in Tampa, Florida; Evans in Oklahoma; and Richardson in Arizona.

The U.S. attorney for New York held a press conference Tuesday afternoon, offering more details about the arrests.

Joon H. Kim, the acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, said the probe had been “covert,” and the NCAA wasn’t made aware of the investigation until Tuesday. The full investigation is said to unveil “the dark belly of college basketball.”

Kim described what him and his team have uncovered as, “coaches at some of the nation’s top programs taking cash bribes, managers and advisers circling blue-chip prospects like coyotes, and employees of a global sportswear company funneling cash to families of high school recruits.”

“For the 10 charged men, the madness of college basketball went well beyond the Big Dance in March,” he added.

— CNBC’s Sara Salinas, Michael Sheetz and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

If you are a big college basketball fan I would refrain from bragging about how your school doesn’t cheat.  This is an ongoing investigation, from the sounds of it things may not stop at these four schools.
Two of college basketballs major programs are mentioned above.  Louisville and Arizona.  Both have perennial coaches in Sean Miller and Rick Pitino.
Miller is arguably a top five coach in college basketball and Pitino has escaped many scandals in the past few years.
He escaped the Louisville sex scandal where an assistant was buying prostitutes for recruits.
Pitino had to admit in court consensual sex with a women and paid for an abortion in a case where that same women was being charged with extorting Pitino.
Which he then admitted that he only lasted 15 seconds and finished down his leg.  The sex also took place in an Olive Garden.  Let that sink in for a moment.
Lets all take a moment and laugh at that so we can get back to the seriousness of these allegations.
Because, most likely this investigation will last a lot longer than Pitino himself.
This could be the scandal that does Pitino in and possibly end his career as a college basketball coach.
This isn’t just coaches trying to get players to attend their schools, this is a company buying kids at a young age in hopes to get return in the long run.
Adidas is now involved, which makes you think what is Nike, and Under Armour doing?  The competition between these three is something people pay attention to.
People follow what athlete signs where.  It was a big deal when Durant signed with Nike a few summers ago or Harden signs the biggest shoe deal in history with Adidas.
It makes you think how far does this really go?  Does it stop at shoes?  We all had a feeling this happened with agents.  Where agents associate themselves with college athletes in hopes they will sign with them once they enter the pros.  But, are other companies trying to get a leg up as well?
Maybe this is good for everyone, maybe this is the end to the NCAA as we know it.  The NCAA was able to pass down half ass sanctions and no one could do anything about it.
I have always said the NCAA never truly wanted to dig because they know how dirty this game is.  Why would the NCAA try to recover what truly a mess it is.
Here is a tweet from Stewart Mendel quoting the FBI director during the press conference.
The FBI doesn’t care, the FBI has more resources, they used wire-tapping and a disgraced financial advisor catch these coaches.
 A freaking google search!! You think if you are doing something illegal you would make sure you know who you are dealing with!  Don’t they watch Narcos?  Didn’t you see how tight Pablo Escobar ran things?  And you can’t do a freaking google search?
All we know is what they currently can prove, who knows what they are on the verge of proving.
Also, who says they are going to stop at basketball?  Could football be next?  If they uncover enough in Basketball could they move onto football?
This is not just a sad day for the NCAA, but it is a scary day for the NCAA and its fans.

My Toxic Relationship


In high school we remember that one couple who started dating their Freshman year and went through a very dramatic off and on relationship until they graduated High School.

Instead of four years my toxic relationship has been going on for 25 years.

Throughout that toxic relationship there was always one party who would always take advantage of the other.  And despite always being taken advantage of, the other party would always take them back.

In my relationship with the Cleveland Browns, the Browns always seem to take advantage of me.

I buy new jerseys, t-shirts, koozies, coffee mugs, old sports illustrated magazines, and worst of all I give them my heart.

I give them my heart every  Sunday through four quarters win or lose.  I am all in every draft night thinking they will draft the next franchise guy to finally turn this miserable relationship around.

Guess what, it never happens.  They always let me down.

Just like that toxic relationship, people always ask why.

Why do you put up with the abuse? Why don’t you just move on?

To which I respond with…

Do you honestly think I don’t want to move on?  You think I like doing this?

My favorite players growing up were Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning.

Don’t you think I wanted to enjoy Sundays watching those guys play quarterback?

Do you think I enjoyed watching Kelly Holcomb, Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, or Charlie Frye for that matter?

Just like that toxic relationship you do it because of one thing.

And that is Love.

The Browns are my first love, and dropping that first love is never easy.

Because, you remember the beginning when things were great, when you had hopes and dreams.

I remember the Browns running onto the field when they returned in 1999 to eventually get shutout by the Steelers.

I remember going to the playoffs in 2003, and the 10 wins in 07.  I just want those romantic days to return, so we can have that healthy relationship like I know we can have.

Instead, you take advantage of me!

You not only get my hopes up every year, you get my hopes up every week!

The Browns could announce my dog Kip as the starting qb for next weeks game and by Saturday I would have convinced myself we are going to win.

To give you an idea here is how my week is when thinking about the Browns.


The Browns just lost in the worst way possible, whether it was a blowout or they lost because a guy threw his helmet in celebration before the play was over and the penalty from that set the other team up to make a game tying field goal and eventually win in overtime.

By the way, that actually happened.  I didn’t make that up.

Anyway, I spend the rest of the day pissed off ranting about how I am done with this team and I am not expecting us to win another game for the rest of the season.

I throw out phrases; “Why do I do this to myself,” “I don’t know why I watch,” “I am not getting excited for another game this season,” or “I can’t wait for the draft.”


I am usually still upset about the game.  I spend the day ranting and talking to my friends about the game.

My friends aren’t really talking to me, it is just me ranting and them just nodding their heads.

I read articles and listen to podcasts about the game that only frustrate me more.

Most of the time I am still telling everyone that I am done getting excited and how we are just going to get our asses kicked Sunday.


Depression has kicked in.  I probably just got done watching a stellar Monday night game where I saw Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady put on a performance for the ages.

This causes me to ask myself… Why can’t we be good? Why can’t I have a reason to enjoy watching this team?

I don’t want to talk about the Browns, and I don’t even want to think about the Browns.


I block the Browns out for the day.  I have said everything that needs to be said, I have ranted on everything that needs to be ranted on.

This is the day where I start to become happy again, the sun shines a little brighter, the grass is a little greener.

I have officially put last weeks game behind me, it is also known as the beginning of the end.


Today is the day where the optimism slowly starts to kick in.

It is usually because I watched the shitty Thursday night game and I think ” Man we aren’t that bad.”

I start to become optimistic, I start to think we aren’t as bad as we look.

Certain thoughts enter my brain like: “We were only a few plays away last week.” “If we can just run the ball we could win.”

I keep these thoughts to myself though.  I don’t tell anyone because I am trying to keep myself from getting too excited.

My thought process is, if I just hide these feelings there is no way I will get hurt again.


My head is full of optimism.  By Friday afternoon I have almost talked myself into thinking the Browns will win on Sunday.

I always think somehow we will catch this team off guard or the offense will finally come together.

My head my be full of optimism, but I am still trying to act like I am not excited.

I am trying not to act excited because deep down I know what is going to happen.

I know I sound like an idiot and I know everything that I think could happen won’t happen.

As Friday comes to an end the reality of what is going to happen on Sunday is all pushed out.


All those thoughts of optimism I was holding inside are officially out for the world to hear.

I am telling everyone how I think we have a chance to win or how I really think we are going to “pull this one out.”

Here is an example how optimistic I am on a Saturday leading up to a Browns game.

I was at a get together Saturday night for the boxing match.  I was sitting out on the back porch with some friends grilling some food and drinking some beers and we were talking about the upcoming NFL games.

When asked about the Browns season I told my friend; “Well if you look at our schedule we could be 5-1.”

My friend looked at me like I was trying to tell him Santa Clause was real.  I then tried to argue why I was right and he was wrong.

You see how pathetic that is?  On Monday I am telling people how we will be lucky to win a game and now I am telling people how we are playoff contenders.


We all know what happens here.

Listen, I know my relationship is toxic but deep down I know there is good in the Browns heart.

One day I will just break through that brick wall and we will be happy forever and ever.

One day the Browns will be good, it may be when I am 30 or 75, and I will have double middle fingers to all of you who laugh at me now.

You know? sometimes that toxic relationship does have a happy ending.





Baker Mayfield

As you have all heard by now Ohio State laid a huge egg Saturday night and let Oklahoma walk into the Horseshoe and give Ohio State its first loss of the 2017 season.

Despite Baker Mayfield carving up Ohio State for 386 passing yards and 3 touchdowns.  The story is what Mayfield did after the game.

You can watch Mayfield run to the middle of the field and attempt to plant the flag in the middle of O.

I say attempt because you can’t plant a flag on turf.  Just a reminder for all you who forgot.

Some people have taken offense to Mayfield planting the flag calling it “disrespectful.”

People have asked me about it for two days and my answer remains the same.

I honestly don’t care what Mayfield did.

Is it disrespectful? A little.  But that is why I like it.

This is what makes college football so fun.  There is so many emotions that go into the games every Saturday.  Then when you get a big game like Saturday night even more emotions are shown.

It is a reason why college football ratings are up recently and NFL ratings are down.

You never get this in the pros.  You don’t see players going to celebrate with fans, singing fight songs, or planting flags in the middle of the field.

In the NFL we see players meeting in the middle of the field laughing, taking pictures, and exchanging jerseys.

Mayfield is known for his emotions, he has an awesome story how he ended up at Oklahoma.

After being the starter for Texas Tech he quit the team to walk on at Oklahoma, which was his favorite team growing up, without telling Bob Stoops he was planning on walking on.

He now has himself in the Heisman race and has put Oklahoma in the drivers seat to make a run for the National title.

Also, if you are Ohio State you know how you stop someone planting a flag on your home field?

Fucking win….

Ohio State for whatever reason can not move the ball offensively.  The way Ohio State played offense is more disrespectful to me than anything Baker Mayfield says or does.

Also, what if Ohio State and Oklahoma meet in the playoff?

It adds even more drama and angst to the matchup.  There will be talk for a month from Ohio State how they saw it “disrespectful” and Mayfield will have to play another Heisman type game to back up his actions.

Mayfield did apologize today and I really wish he didn’t.

But, if Mayfield felt the need to apologize then I have no problem with it.

So my advice to all my fellow Ohio State fans, don’t waste your energy being mad at Mayfield.

Spend all your energy being mad at how our offense hasn’t been able to consistently move the ball over the past three years.

Or, how our defense full of first round talent can’t defend the pass.

As for Mayfield, keep doing your thing because that is why we all love you.  If you go into a hostile environment and put up Heisman like numbers you can do whatever you want.

What is Texas Football?

If you guys didn’t notice, this past weekend the state of Texas had a terrible weekend.  Which means that the rest of the 49 states had a fantastic weekend.

Let me just get this out there.  I hate Texas football teams, I hate them all.

I hate Texas and their stuck up fans, I hate Texas a&m and their rich fans, I hate TCU, because I just hate TCU, I hate Texas Tech and their very attractive head coach, and I hate Baylor because that whole school can go to hell.

You know why I hate all these teams?  Because all of their fans are so dumb!

I don’t care how many movies or T.V. shows that are made about Texas football.  Just know that you all suck.

Texas fans think they are good just because they are Texas.  They think because they have a half ass southern accent, a few movies they watched as a kid, a couple pop warner football trophies, and they can name a few QBs they think they are the kingdom to the football world.


I will say this, Texas in my opinion is probably the second best state for high school football.  I don’t think anyone with a brain can argue that.

Teams raid the state of Texas each year in hope to land their next big recruit.

Lets go team by team for why Texas is the most overrated college football state in the country.

Lets start with Texas.

Texas is a great job, it has money, tradition, and you are in the heart of one of the best high school football states in America.

You would think Texas would be great, you would think they would always be great.

Well you thought wrong.

I am not old enough to talk about the Darrell Royal days and most of you reading this are not old enough either.

So, when a Texas fan comes to you and starts bragging about  Darrell Royal, just tell them you don’t care.

Why don’t you care?  Because no one cares.

Lets start with Mack Brown, because everyone is old enough to remember Mack Brown.

The best way to describe Mack Brown is the way a Nebraska fan once described him to me.

“He always did less with more.”

Texas fans have their head so far up their ass, that while bragging about the great high school football that takes place in their “great” state that they forget that they are just proving everyones argument.

That argument is… You guys are not what you think you are.

If Mack Brown was such a great coach, and Texas was such a great university you would think they would be able to recruit at a level to win or compete for a championship every single year.

You would think they would be able to easily beat teams from the Big 12 where the recruiting is to put it nicely.. sub par.

Mack Brown won a stellar two Big 12 championships, while coaching in the great football state of Texas and won one national title.

I am not saying Mack Brown sucks, I am not saying two conference titles, and one national championship in 15 years is bad.

My point is that when you run your mouth about how great you are and how this state is the home to football, you would think you would be able to do better than just one national title or at least more than two conference championships.

Nebraska fans are screaming right now saying it should only be one.  If you don’t know what I am talking about You Tube the 2009 Big 12 title game.

My final point with the Longhorns is, you are just like everyone else, you are not special.

I do believe Tom Herman will turn everything around at Texas.

Despite the loss to Maryland this past weekend, I think everything will be ok.

You just need to give it some time and you will be back to competing for championships.  Not winning, probably just competing.

On to the Aggies.

Texas A&M I truly do not get.

Kevin Sumlin is officially on the hot seat after blowing a huge lead against UCLA on Sunday night.

If I were an a&m fan I would be upset to.

But, I don’t get why they want Sumlin fired.

Texas A&M isn’t competing for titles like the fans expect.

Sumlin had 11 wins in 2012, 9 wins in 2013, and 8 wins in 14,15, and 16.

At a program that is rich with championship history and tradition you can’t settle for 8 wins right?

Well, Texas A&M isn’t rich with championship history and tradition.

You know the last time Texas A&M won a national title? 1939…


Texas A&M hasn’t won a national title since the beginning of WWII.

Let that sink in.

Their last conference title was in 1998.  Their are kids in college right now that have never been alive to witness a Texas A&M conference title.

Since 1998 they have finished in the AP Poll top 25 only five times!!!!

People are complaining about eight wins!!! You should be grateful for eight wins.

Why do people of Texas A&M think eight wins isn’t good enough, when the past 20 years eight wins is the best you have been.

As for the other Texas schools no one really cares about you.  You have done absolutely nothing to anyones school, because you guys traditionally suck.

Except for Baylor, all of you involved with Art Briles and ones who defended Art Briles can go to hell.

For all of you who wore a black shirt protesting Art Briles firing last year against TCU you can join them in hell.

Texas Football where we do less with more.  Put that on a t-shirt!

CFP Predictions

It is finally here, the purpose of breathing is officially back today

Granted, we had games this past weekend but I consider that the “soft opening” to college football.

Unless, you are a degenerate gambler like myself, no one really cares about Colorado State vs Oregon State or Rice vs Stanford.

Today is the official kick off to college football and I know all of you can not wait.

With college football starting along comes the College Football Playoff Predictions.

Rarely is anyone ever 100% right when it comes to these.  It is all just guessing and you throw in a team or two no one is talking about just to make your prediction different from everyone else.

So, today I will give you my four teams that I believe will be playing in the  fourth College Football Playoff and the National Champion.

To be honest I only know a lot about one team, and if you know me you can guess which team that is.

So, today I am going to fake it and bull shit you about how much I know about these teams.


4. Oklahoma State

I have mentioned this team to multiple people and I get a lot of weird looks.  I say Oklahoma State for many of reasons but one of the reasons has to do with issues off the field.

The College Football Playoff consists of only four teams, even though we have five major conferences ( Pac 12, Big 12, Big 10, SEC, and ACC).

Out of the first three years the Playoff has existed the Big 12 has been left out of the playoff for two of them.

In the first playoff, the BIG 12 even got jumped by Big 10 champion Ohio State who eventually won the National Title.

It is hard to believe that the BIG 12 will be left out for the third time in four years, and I think this Oklahoma State team is the team to put the Big 12 in the playoffs

Oklahoma State returns its star Quarterback in Mason Rudolph.  Rudolph threw for 4091 yards and 28 touchdowns and only 4 ints just a year ago.  Rudolph is just 546 yards away from being the all-time school leader in passing yards.  Former first round draft pick Brandon Weeden currently holds that record with 9,260 yards.

Along with Rudolph the Cowboys return another star on offense in Wide Receiver James Washington.

Washington is coming off a season where he recorded 71 receptions for 1380 yards and 10 touchdowns.

The Cowboys have a run game to compliment their high powered passing attack in Justice Hill, who is returning off a strong freshman campaign with 1142 yards rushing and 6 rushing touchdowns.

What benefits Oklahoma State the most is their schedule.  Oklahoma States toughest games are Pittsburgh and Texas, which are both on the road, and in state rival Oklahoma in Stillwater.

Oklahoma State plays in a conference that lacks any threatening defense, you combine that with the Cowboys high powered offense, and mediocre schedule don’t be shocked to see Oklahoma State in the playoffs come New Years Day.

3. Southern California

It seems like for the past five years since USC came off probation we have been waiting for them to jump back on the national scene and compete for a national title.

Well, this year is finally the year we see that from the Trojans.

So, if you hate USC, like myself, I hope you enjoyed the years of USC being mediocre because those days are officially over.

USC returns the nations top quarterback and possibly next years number one draft pick in Sam Darnold.

Darnold, the Orange County native, is looking to return the Trojans to the prominence of the Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush days.

USC arguably finished as the nations hottest team in 2016, winning its final 9 games after starting the season losing three of its first four.

In that nine game win streak USC beat eventual PAC 12 champion Washington on the road, and BIG 10 champion Penn State in the Rose Bowl.

After taking over in the fourth game of the season Darnold jumped on the national scene by throwing for 3086 yards and 31 touchdowns with just 9 interceptions.

Darnold played his best when the lights shined the brightest in last years Rose Bowl, when he threw for 453 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Darnold will have his work cut out for him, with USC losing both starting Offensive Tackles in Zach Banner and Chad Wheeler.  Not to mention last years leader in receiving yards in JuJu Smith-Schuster left and is now in the NFL.

Darnold will have the run game to lean on as Ronald Jones II will hope to build off his 1,000 yard rushing campaign to push the Trojans into the playoff.

USCs defense has six returning starters on defense which is headlined by a very experienced Linebacker unit.

Despite losing Adoree Jackson to the NFL draft, the secondary will still be a force to be reckoned with.

USCs defense may not be the best in the country but combine that with Darnold leading a high powered offense, it will be no surprise when watching USC winning the PAC 12 and playing in its first ever College football Playoff.

2. Ohio State

Big shocker here I know.  Of course I am picking Ohio State to go to the College Football Playoff.

Ohio State is coming off one of the worst losses in program history, losing 31-0 in the Fiesta Bowl vs Clemson.

Despite the embarrassing loss, that happened right in front of my face with me in the stands that night, Ohio State has plans to return to the College Football Playoff and hopefully take a trip to the National Championship.

Ohio State fired both Offensive Coordinators Tim Beck and Ed Warinner.  Beck is now the Offensive Coordinator at Texas and Warinner is now the Offensive line Coach at Minnesota.

Meyer hired, arguably the best coordinator available, in former Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson.

While at Indiana, Wilson lead Indiana to two consecutive bowl games for the first time since the 1990 and 91 seasons.

Indiana was also second in passing in the Big Ten last year just behind Penn State.

If Wilson can help Indiana be one of the most proficient passing offenses in the conference imagine what he can do with the talent pool at Ohio State.

The man leading Wilson’s offense is 5th year senior JT Barrett.  Barrett will be entering his fourth season as the starting QB for the Buckeyes, which in college sports now a days it seems like 20 years.

If you remember Barrett started the 2014 campaign but suffered an injury against Michigan at the end of the year, which lead to backup Cardale Jones taking over and leading the Buckeyes to the National Championship.

Jones started the 2015 season as the starter but Barrett took over and finished the 2015 campaign for the Buckeyes which ended with a Fiesta Bowl victory over Notre Dame.

Despite winning sharing the Big Tens MVP honors with Saquon Barkley, Barretts 2016 campaign is not looked at very highly by the fans and media.

It is no secret that Ohio State has struggled to move the ball since Tom Herman left the staff two years ago.

With Kevin Wilson and his success as an Offensive Coordinator, you have to believe things will change for the Buckeyes.

If the passing game doesn’t improve they will have a backfield full of athletes to lean on.

Running Back Mike Weber is coming off a 1,000 yard season in just his first year of taking over the workload from Ezekiel Elliot.

Many people are raving about youngsters like Demario McCall and true Freshman J.K. Dobbins.  Don’t be shocked to see Meyer roll with a Running Back by committee, especially at the start of the season with Weber recovering from a hamstring injury.

Ohio State is absolutely loaded on the other side of the ball.

Co Defensive Coordinator Luke Fickell is now gone as he took the Head Coaching job at Cincinatti.

Now, former Rutgers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach, Greg Schiano takes over the defense full time and he believes this Buckeyes defense is something special.

Schiano told Big Ten Network at Big Ten media days that “Probably — not probably — the most talented group I’ve ever been around.”

That is high praise from a guy who has coached a lot of football in his time.

Ohio State lost three key players from their secondary in last years draft.  Marshon Lattimore, Gareon Conley, and Malik Hooker all went inside the first round.

Ohio State is not lacking talent to replace them and people are noticing.

Matt Miller, who covers the NFL draft for Bleacher report, has high expectations for this young secondary.

The secondary will contribute to Ohio State having one of the best defenses in the country this year.

Combine that with their stellar D line play headlined by Nick Bosa and Tyquan Lewis.

Not to mention their Linebacking corps lead by potential first round pick Jerome Baker who Miller also had high praise for.

The defense is not the question that needs to be answered.  The question we all are waiting to be answered is if the passing game that has fallen off the past two years can be resurrected with new OC Kevin Wilson.

If Ohio State can not develop a consistent passing game it will make the run through the Big Ten that much harder for the Buckeyes.

1. Alabama

As I start talking about Alabama I think it should be mentioned I am a few glasses of Bulleit Whiskey in.  So, if I show any bias you know why.

As long as Nick Saban is at running the show for the Crimson Tide it is hard to argue who the favorite is.

Alabama lost a bulk of guys last year, most notably OJ Howard, Reuben Foster, and Jonathon Allen who were all first round draft picks in April.

Alabama returns Jalen Hurts, but has a brand new Offensive Coordinator in Brian Daboll.

The past two years we have seen this weird thing called passing from Alabama or what some football gurus call it “opening up the offense.”

Now that Joey Freshwater is gone, aka Lane Kiffin, to Florida Atlantic hitting on young college girls.  You should see Alabama go back to its boring ass offense.

So, when Alabama plays in a big game you will see their Running Back get 50 carries a game as oppose to the 40 when they had when Kiffin was the OC.

On a serious note, I think Alabama is going to be really good again a long with Jalen Hurts.

I don’t think Hurts gets enough credit for what he did last year as a true freshman. The idea that he can’t move the ball through the air is insane.

He threw for 2,780 yards last season, while moving the ball through the air he was able to rush for 954 yards.

I don’t think their is an argument against saying that Hurts is the most dynamic Quarterback Saban has ever had.

I think Hurts is going to be even better this year and lead the Tide to an undefeated season.

My only concern is, last year Alabamas defense scored 15 touchdowns.  If you don’t watch a lot of football just know that scoring 15 touchdowns on defense is really fucking good.


You can agree or disagree with me on who is in and who is not.

But, I know we can all agree that it is great to have football back.

Because the preseason predictions won’t be the last thing we argue about, which makes football season so great.



Matthew Stafford $$$$

I am sure you have heard by now that Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford is now the highest paid player in NFL history.

The exact numbers of the contract have yet to be officially announced, but ESPNs Michael Rothstein wrote this morning on

ALLEN PARK, Mich. — Matthew Stafford will become the highest-paid player in NFL history with the five-year deal he has agreed to with the Detroit Lions, sources told ESPN on Monday night.

The deal will have an average annual value of $27 million, a source said, putting Stafford ahead of the five-year contract that pays $25 million annually to Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, which Carr signed last month.

A source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Stafford’s deal is expected to guarantee him a record $92 million, including a $50 million signing bonus. The previous record for guaranteed money issued to an NFL player was $87 million for Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts.

Under the deal, Stafford will be guaranteed $60.5 million at signing and $86 million by the start of Year 2 of the contract, which starts next March, a league source told Schefter. The full $92 million is guaranteed upon Year 3, the source told Schefter.

Stafford, who was the number one pick in the 2009 NFL draft, has put up good numbers throughout his career but some still believe he is not worth the money.

FS1s, and soon to be co host of FS1s new show First things First with Chris Carter, Nick Wright does not agree with the Stafford deal.

Of course, ESPNs Stephen A. Smith expressed his opinion on the new deal this morning on First Take.

Dan Le Batard, host of ESPNs The Dan Le Batard Show, was quick to point out Staffords record against teams over .500.

A lot of football fans seem to be questioning why Matthew Stafford a guy who has a losing record against teams over .500, has only played in three playoff games, and has lost all three is the highest paid Quarterback in NFL history.

It is a very fair question, while I like Stafford and believe he is a good Quarterback I wouldn’t label him as a top 10 Quarterback.

But, it is important to remember a few things when talking about these contracts these Quarterbacks have been getting lately.

Contracts like Derek Carrs five-year, $125 million deal, with $70 million guaranteed that was signed this offseason.

Andrew Lucks six-year, $140 million deal, with $47 guaranteed that was signed last offseason.

First important thing is to not look at the total amount, Carr’s $125 or Luck’s $140, but to look at the guaranteed money.

If you look at the deal you will notice Carr received $70 million guaranteed and Luck received $47 million guaranteed.

While it seems like Luck received a bigger deal than Carr Luck is actually getting more money.

The rest of these contracts are filled with incentives like; playoff wins, Super Bowl wins, TDs per season, passing yards per season etc.

I think it is important to distinguish the difference between the total amount of the contract and the guaranteed money when evaluating future contracts.

Now, according the Adam Schefter in the article above it seems that Stafford will receive $92 million guaranteed.

Stafford’s deal is only going to make these contracts for future Quarterbacks even higher for years to come.

When you see these high contracts for Quarterbacks that you don’t think deserve them you need to remember something.

You aren’t paying for that one Quarterback, you are paying for the position.

There is such a premium on Quarterbacks, because there are so little that are worth a damn.

Lets just say that the Lions decided against resigning Stafford and took the risk of him entering the offseason as a free agent and signing with another team.

Then what?  If you are the Lions what do you do? Who are you bringing in to replace Stafford and who is topping his production?

Odds are no one.

Lets take a look at what teams will most likely be shopping for a Quarterback next offseason.

San Francisco 49ers

Brian Hoyer is currently the starter for first year Head Coach Kyle Shannahan.  While there is no bigger Brian Hoyer fan than myself, Hoyer is not the future in San Francisco.

You have to believe San Francisco will be willing to spend some money on a Quarterback next offseason if they are not in position to select a Quarterback in next years draft.

Los Angeles Rams

Depending how 2016 first overall pick Jared Goff does you have to believe LA will be in the market for a Quarterback.

The Rams are fighting for attention in a big sports market that is mostly dominated by basketball.  Not to mention they have a brand new stadium that will open in a few years.

Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer is 37 years old and after a strong 2015 campaign where he led the Cardinals to the NFC Championship.  He came back down to earth in 2016.

If Palmer struggles again this year it would make sense that Arizona will be shopping for a QB next offseason.

Hypothetically speaking if Stafford was going to be a free agent, Stafford would have fit great with Head Coach Bruce Arians who loves to push the ball down the field like Stafford.

Denver Broncos

Two years removed from its Super Bowl win over Carolina and sending Peyton Manning off into the sunset.  The Denver Broncos still do not have a QB.

Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian have shown flashes of being a viable starting QB in the NFL, but unless that comes with some consistency John Elway may have a hard time going into a third consecutive season with QB questions.

Minnesota Vikings

Sam Bradford is in the final year of his contract and will be an Unrestricted Free Agent this offseason.

With the unknown of Teddy Bridgewaters injury Minnesota has a tough decision to make this offseason.

Do we give Bradford another deal even though we know we aren’t going to win a Super Bowl with him? Or, do we take a chance on signing a Free Agent or hope we can get a better Quarterback in the draft?

It is hard to believe Bradford is up to get another big contract.  I don’t think there is any QB in the history of the NFL who has gotten more money by doing less like Bradford.

Cleveland Browns

Rookie DeShone Kizer will be the opening day starter for the Browns vs Pittsburgh.  While Kizer has progressed from third string on the depth chart to the opening day starter that doesn’t mean Clevelands QB situation is solved.

As we all know, Cleveland has been looking for their franchise QB since 1999 and have been very unlucky in their search.

if Kizer struggles and doesn’t look like he can be the guy for years to come, the Browns will be back on the Quarterback market again.  This time it will have tons of draft picks and cap space to use in their search.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles struggled last season and has struggled this preseason.  He even lost his job to Chad Henne for a total of five minutes.

Bortles may be the QB you rely on to hit the over late in blowout games to satisfy your gambling habit, but I think it is safe to say he isn’t the guy you want to build your franchise around.

You have to think under, new VP of football operations, Tom Coughlin the Jaguars will be in the market for a QB yet again.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins have Kirk Cousins, who was placed with the Franchise Tag this offseason, but the team is not sold that he is the guy to build the franchise around.

Washington has a very similar decision Detroit had to make.  Cousins might not be a top 10 QB, but he is better than a lot of other options.

If you let Cousins go you are back to square one looking for a QB and you don’t know how long it will be until you find one.

Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill is out for the 2017 season with a knee injury, which means Jay Cutler will be the starting QB for the season.

Cutler is only signed until the end of the 2017 season and Tannehill has no guaranteed money owed to him after this season.

If Cutler disappoints and Tannehill’s rehab doesn’t go as planned you could see Miami move on from both QBs and head in a different direction.

New York Jets

The Jets have by far the worst roster in the NFL and all their QBs are a joke.  The Jets will most likely have the first pick in next years draft.

Along with the Browns, the Jets have been looking for their franchise QB for years.

There is no doubt in my mind, unless Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg turn into Tom Brady over night, that New York will be doing everything they can to find their next QB next offseason.

I listed all of these teams and their situation, because while Stafford may never be Aaron Rodgers, signing Stafford to a long-term deal is better than the alternative.

That alternative is not having a QB at all.  Stafford is a top 15 QB and you at least have an opportunity to build a team around him and hopefully make a deep playoff run.

A lot of fan bases alternative may be drafting Southern Cal prospect Sam Darnold.

Every year we get a top QB prospect out of college and every fan thinks their team can solve all of their problems by just drafting the guy.

The problem is there is only one Sam Darnold, not every team in the NFL can rely on drafting Sam Darnold and him turning out to be the next top 5 QB.

We don’t even know how Sam Darnold is going to be.  Remember, Stafford was the number one overall pick and I am sure a lot of people thought he was going to be a top 5 QB.

My final point is that the Lions had to do this, if they didn’t they would end up like all of the teams mentioned above looking for a QB.

You can criticize the amount of money, but if the Lions didn’t pay him someone else would have.

Until you can give me a realistic oppurtunity the Lions could have capitilized on, I think it is safe to say the Lions made a great move.

Why We Love Conor McGregor

Today, is the day we have been waiting for months.  Possibly the biggest fight of the Century.

We have sat through the media tours, we have followed the drama between the two.  But, tonight we finally get to watch one of the biggest sporting events ever.

Or, it could be the biggest waste of our time, and money.

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather.  Some say the greatest boxer of all time vs the guy who took the martial arts world by storm shortly after collecting welfare checks to capture his dream.

I will tell you now, I don’t know shit about boxing.  The only experience I have of boxing is the Rocky movies and that one boxing movie with Mark Whalberg and Christian Bale.

I would say most people who are watching this fight do not know a lot about boxing. Which is why a lot of Boxing experts are mocking everyone thinking Conor has a chance.

According to Bovada, Mayweather is going into tonight’s fight as a huge favorite at -375.  As McGregor goes into tonight as the underdog at +285.

Even though these odds have come down over the past few months, and depending on how much money gets bet today the line may move even more.

What is interesting about this whole spectacle is, why is there so much hype for a guy who people say have no chance?

Why is half of Ireland in Las Vegas, when everyone is saying this fight will be a joke and a rip off?

There is obviously an MMA vs Boxing angle that can’t be ignored.

But, there is more to it than that.

We live in a world of sports where things have become fairly predictable.  We have watched the same teams in the NBA finals for the past three seasons, you can always guarantee the Patriots will be in the Super Bowl hunt, and we have watched College Football be dominated by blue bloods (mostly Alabama) for years.

One of the great things about sports is how unpredictable it is supposed to be.  Whether it is the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team or Joe Namaths guaranteed win in Super Bowl III.

We love upsets, we crave them, we want that moment to tell our kids and grandkids where we watched it.  We want to cheer with our friends and talk about it for years to come.

This fight has a Rocky type feel to it.  It has that feel good story that we are all craving.

A guy who just a few years ago was collecting welfare checks, is now on the verge of being on top of the sports world.

We love these stories, because we wish it could be us.  We love sports because it takes us away from reality.

At some point our dreams of becoming a professional athlete, or musician go away.  And for some people, the thought of having dreams go away at a whole.

Sure, most have goals of getting promoted, getting married, or having kids.

But it isn’t the same as the innocent dreams we used to have.  At some point in our lives we dreamed of being famous, we dreamed of people asking for our autograph, being on a poster in some kids room, and having thousands of people cheering for us.

At some point life got in the way and we lost or were unable to fulfill those dreams.

McGregor at one point in his life was all of us.  He gave up on his dreams and decided to become a plumber in Dublin, Ireland.  He chose the job over his dream in order to put food on the table.  Just like most of us.

Until, one day he decided against that.  He did something we all wish we could do.  He put life aside and went after his dream of becoming a professional fighter.

He gambled on himself and that bet is going to pay off more than anyone ever thought.

Well, except for McGregor himself.

The best part about McGregor is his confidence.  McGregor is full of Irish swagger with his high-priced suits, and clever trash talk.

We all wish we had that confidence of McGregor.  We wish we could use it at school, work, or even talking to someone of the opposite sex.

We all believe he can win this fight, because he believes he can win this fight.  You might think the things he is saying leading up to this fight is all for promotion.

Normally, I would agree with you.  McGregor seems different, his team seems different.  McGregor and his team actually believe he can win, and if you have followed McGregor’s rise to stardom that should be enough to believe he can win tonight.

McGregor and his team seem to be taking the attitude of this is nothing we haven’t seen before.  To them this fight may be nothing.  They are taking it as just another step or obstacle they have taken before.

McGregor’s irrational confidence may be the one thing that he has over Mayweather. A fighting expert can give you the ins and outs on why this fight is going to be boring and a joke.

But, never count out the guy who is desperate and has nothing to lose.

McGregor is desperate.  McGregor wants to be the face of the UFC and Boxing.  Floyd is currently the face of boxing and Mcgregor wants that to change.

McGregor also has nothing to lose, people are expecting him to lose and if he does he can just go back to the UFC and dominate.

I think McGregor has a shot at winning and it may sound crazy, but it was also crazy for him to put life aside and pursue a career in fighting.


McGregor once famously said ” We’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over.”

Well, McGregor is possibly one punch away from officially taking over.


Team Russillo

For those of you who don’t know by know ESPNS Ryen Russillo and host of the Ryen Russillo Show was arrested in Wyoming Wednesday morning for a harmless breaking and entering into some random persons condo.

Here is the report from the Teton County Sheriffs office (based in Jackson Hole, Wy.) that was posted in the article from Awful Announcing above.

Officers were called around 3:30 a.m. to a condo in the 500 block of Snow King Loop for a report of a “highly intoxicated male who was refusing to leave.”

Two people were asleep in the condo when they heard someone come in. They didn’t know the man and asked him to leave because he was drunk, according to reports. Police arrived a few minutes later. 

“Occupants pointed the suspect out who was found in a bedroom,” Jackson Police Lt. Roger Schultz said.

Russillo, of West Hartford, Connecticut, reportedly had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

“He couldn’t coherently answer any questions,” Schultz said.

Russillo didn’t know where he was and thought maybe he was staying in the condo, police said.

It gets worse or better depending how you look at it.

For those of you who don’t know, Ryen Russillo is my guy.  I don’t know Russillo, I have never met Russillo, and I have never seen Russillo in person.

But, he is still my guy.

I grew up watching ESPN, watching everything that was on starting with Mike and Mike at the ass crack of dawn to the late night Sportscenter.

As of late I haven’t watched much ESPN because I can’t stand a lot of the shows and the talking heads who run them.

Russillo keeps things real, keeps it honest, and makes himself super relatable to guys who love sports, workout, and spend Friday and Saturday nights alone on the couch.

Russillo is 42 and single, and at the rate I am going that will probably be me too.

I like Russillo also because of his path to radio.  He always talks about how he did construction with his dad, or managed a bar after college trying to find his path in sports.

He tells stories of his failed marriage proposal (which is absolutely brutal, I cringe thinking about it) and his time living in a hotel for months at a time when he first got to ESPN in 2006.

He has dedicated his life to sports radio, and even acknowledges how hard it has been and how his life is different from the average person because of it.

So what he got a little too drunk big whoop.  Like we all haven’t gotten a little too drunk from time to time.  I mean, who hasn’t passed out drunk with their pants around their ankles?

Although, I can honestly say I have never gone into a condo that wasn’t mine and passed out.  Yet… I got a big trip to Iowa City come November, so I don’t want to speak too early.

Another thing, Ryen was just helping the economy when you think about it.

Who the hell goes to Wyoming for vacation?  Who the hell even lives in Wyoming?

Ryen out of the good of his heart took his personal time to travel to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and probably spent a hefty amount at the bar so that bar could stay in business.

Is that what we have come to in 2017?  We tear someone down for helping a bar get through tough times?  Maybe we should all look ourselves in the mirror.

Lets talk about that mug shot real quick.  I don’t think I have ever seen a more confident mug shot in my entire life.

The confidence in that mugshot makes me think Russillo is innocent.  Maybe the uber driver dropped him off at the wrong place.  Maybe his buddy told him the wrong place.

Or maybe the condo was actually his and the people who were in their are big fans of Colin Cowherd and wanted Russillo in jail.

On a serious note, I do hope this blows over and he doesn’t lose his job.  From the sounds of it this guy worked his ass off to get to where he is, and the show is very successful because of the effort he puts into it.  It would be a shame for a guy to lose it all because he had a little too much to drink.

Also, if you are the people saying he deserves to fired or you need to be “better than that” I am going to go out on a limb and say you are a hypocrite.  Don’t put on an act that you are above making mistakes.

How would you like it if your biggest mistake was highlighted all through social media?  It would suck to be defined for one mistake when you worked your ass off to get where you are.

Anyway, I hope you all join me on Team Russillo.  #Russillo2020